Monday, November 2, 2009

Scientific Papa

BOO!! haha. Halloweeny is over. {insert sad face here}. But to make us all happy, Cheri is releasing her new kit today called Scientific Papa. (If the link doesn't work, it's because Divine Digitals is having issues, please check Cheri's blog for updates on what is happening! She's also going to be selling at another store, so you may be able to get it there as well.) Totally cute. I haven't come across a kit like this one before! I love finding something totally unique. Here is a kit preview:And here is my layout:I used the hotel coral essex font for the date (I love that it looks like it's stamped!) and for the wording at the bottom I used "guess what" (which doesn't come up under searches) and cookies. And I can't believe it, but I thought I had posted my playdough recipe on here somewhere (or is it play doh! I prefer to think that home made stuff is dough hehe). When I was doing this layout, I couldn't remember when I took these photos, so I searched my blog to see when I blogged it, and I hadn't, so I'm going to let you in on the science of our perfect play dough recipe!! It's so easy, I love it.

Play dough:
1c flour
1pkg Kool Aid any flavour
1tbsp cream of tartar
1tbsp vegetable oil
1/4c salt
1c boiling water

Mix all dry ingredients in bowl, then oil, then pour boiling water in and mix thoroughly. Wrap in cellophane or air tight container and store in fridge. Should last a few months.

That's it! And you can make any colour, and the Kool Aid makes it smell nice. You can make red and green for Christmas, orange and green and purple for Halloween. Add glitter if you like! And I find this way more malleable than the store bought brand, and it works great in the play doh toys Chase has. This is always in a container in our fridge, and I make a new batch when it starts to get sticky. Lasts at least a month if it's kept in the fridge, but only a week on the counter lol. I also like this recipe because it only uses 1/4c salt, as compared to other recipes that use way more, and the size of the batch is a good size, enough to share with extra kids! So that's it. Scrapbooking and playdough. Huh. You just never know what you're going to find on this blog, do you?? Have a great day, then go scrap it!!

*Edit. I must have been really tired the other night, as I just found my play dough post. hehe. You can view it here if you want to see the original!!! lol.

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