Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lil Update and New Stuffs!

Wow, I have been so crazy busy this last week! I forgot how little time you actually have when you're working full time. Plus, we're getting a new system at work, so all the stuff I've been trying to cram into my already too full brain is going out the window and we're going to be doing things completely different! Tomorrow is going to be interesting that's for sure! It was also my mom's 59th birthday on Friday, so we went and visited and had cake. (which also means another evening/scrapping time gone!) Then I had to work today to get all the invoicing done from over the weekend so we don't carry any February invoicing into the new system which is going live tomorrow. Scary stuff! (Which also equals another day/scrapping time gone!) I still had a little laundry to do and thankfully my hubby took care of supper (it's always wieners and oven fries or macaroni when he looks after supper, but hey, I didn't have to do it!) and then he took care of the dishes too. I've been a little bit of a slacker in my CT duties this week and was on the verge of being behind! {gasp!} But alas, I've managed to hang in there, and I just want to share some of the new kits that are out this week! First up is Le Chateau Des Delices by Ptitesouris. She also has some quick pages available for this kit so make sure to check those out!
My layout, which was what I consider my very first true extraction layout:I thought it turned out pretty cute! Rayna climbing the ladder to the little pink castle in the sky...hehe. Next up is the awesome March collab kit from the Scrap That Idea girls, Live for Today:

The colors are just great, and there is a wicked assortment of papers and elements from all four ladies! My layout: (**template by Cindy Schneider from the One Love Collab for Haiti):

Then Stacey came up with this great kit, O is for Over the Rainbow, the elements are so unique in this kit there are so many options! She also has a brag book with this kit, so if you need a quick album make sure to check that out as well!My layout: (**template by iscrap from the new beginnings collab) I love it, and it's not very often that I do a layout on white paper!

Then there is this bright kit called Spice of Life by Vicki, her color combinations are always so awesome! She has a blog to go from this kit as well.

My layout: (**template by Janet Phillips)

And last but not least Sara has this great new boys kit out called Superstar, which would be fantastic for girl or boy layouts, or anything in between!I absolutely love this kit, the colors and elements and everything are so great! Here is my layout: (**template by cathja)I snapped these photos of Chase and I specifically to scrap with this kit! I also used a torn photo effect by LivEdesigns. I just love how my layout turned out. I so often scrap Rayna as I take more photos of her just due to her age and all the things she is starting to do, where as with Chase it seems to have levelled off a little bit! So that is it for now, I need to go make my kids breakfasts for tomorrow morning, finish off the laundry, let the dog in and feed her and then get to bed as I need to be sharp as a tack for tomorrow as I'll be fumbling my way around in the new system at work! Thanks for hanging out, and make sure you check out the designers blogs (click on their blinkies in my sidebar) as some of them probably have freebie add ons to some of these kits! And make sure to stay tuned as Cheri from Dream Big Digi has the best guys kit coming out tomorrow, it's a collab kit and let me tell you it's terrific! I had so much fun playing with it and haven't even come close to using all the elements I wanted to try out! Have a great week and I'll be yapping at you soon enough!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just for fun, Twilight and some new stuffs

Anyone want to see my new desktop wallpaper?? I knew you'd want to...I just love this photo, I'm not sure where I found it, but it is so Edward and Bella to me!! And I bought this cool kit from Flergs called Estranged, and it looks so perfect with this photo. I cropped it to the right dimensions and it's the wallpaper on my phone too!! lol. I'm such a Twilight nerd! I can't help it, and Eclipse is coming out June 20th, I think, which doesn't seem so far away now :)

Next up, Ptitesouris has a new collab kit in the store today called Our Fabulous Fate, and it is full of rich colors and elements, check it out!And I have a double whammy for you today as Kathy has a new word art pack out called Elegant Romance as well, and I used it in my layout too!

My layout:**template by Dunia, Our Fabulous Fate collab by Ptitesouris and Moi, Elegant Romance Word Art by Kathy Winters

I think the word art is very subtle in this one, as I actually used it like a clipping mask to cut it out of the paper circle. I ♥ it.

I feel like I'm so boring lately, I don't have too much to tell you. The kids are doing well at the day home except that Rayna now cries and arches her back and flops on the floor when I'm dropping them off at the day home in the morning, as she's figured out the whole drop off routine now. She stops as soon as someone picks her up, so she's fine. The first week they had a bit of an adjustment, but they're both enjoying it, and I know Chase is having tonnes of fun there and quite often doesn't want to come home. He's started asking me if I can take him to school too, so this fall will be exciting for him. Work is fine, although because of the sheer volume of paper that passes through my hands every day, my fingertips are so dry they are cracking, makes typing painful! I am having a heck of a time at the moment as I'm typing with band aids on, making lots of mistakes. I swear my backspace button is going to crap out on me one of these days! Other than that things are going well, everyone is happy (most of the time) and healthy (most of the time) and I finally feel like our life has returned to normal. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New kits!

Hey all, what a busy week this has been! I've been trying to cram all the new information at work into my brain, and we get a new system on March 1st, so I'll be learning all over again! Crazy. The days seem to be flying by now, I can't believe March is just around the corner! I am so excited for spring, and can't wait for the snow to be gone completely. The sunshine makes me so happy. :)

So here are the new kits this week, Stacey has N is for Nature out, another one in her alphabet series. She has quick pages done up with this kit as well, if you need some pages done up in a snap!

My layout:
*template by Crystal Livesay

Mel has this beauty out, My Funny Valentine, I am just totally in love with the colors and the papers, so pretty. She also has quick pages already done, for quick and painless scrapping!My layouts:

*freebie template by Scrapping With Liz

*freebie template from Catscrap blog

And Vicki has some awesome blog wear out, so if you've always wanted a pretty blog but didn't have the time or the know how to design it, these are for you! She includes instructions on how to set it all up, and you'll be up and running in no time! Here are a couple of the ones she has out:
If you want to see one of these kits in action check out her test blog here, or this one here, or even this one here!! Just gives you an idea what it looks like all set up. Anyways, I have lots of other things that require my attention right now (aka, more kits to scrap with after I have a shower and a coffee!) so I'll end this post for now. Have a great weekend, and a great week too! Happy scrapping :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Melodie D'Amour

Wow, no posts for a long time and now three in a row! I'm seriously barely keeping up. I thought with the long weekend that I would have so much time to plant myself in front of the computer, but I still have to clean the bathroom, the kitchen, make lunches for the kids and do my own laundry, as well as putting theirs away so everything is organized for the week! So I suppose my computer time will be short lived tonight, going to go post some layouts to the galleries, download any new kits I need to work on and then log off so I can get my other stuff done! Hopefully I'm able to sneak an hour here and there during the evenings this week! I also need to let you know about another kit that Ptitesouris has out today, it's on sale for $1.00Euro, which is super cheap! It's like 70% off! It's part of the monthly 1Euro sale they have at DigitalCrea. The kit is called Melodie D'Amour, and it's fabulous! I am just loving all her kits. She is so talented! Here is the preview:And my layout:

**Template by Scrapping With Liz, font is P22 Cezanne

I seriously don't know what is going on with my text in PS. It looks normal on my screen, but then I notice after I save it that something doesn't look right. The last time, it was all choppy and barley legible, and this time it's fat and looks like I bolded it, but I didn't. It did not look like that on my screen! Maybe I need to rasterize my text before saving as a jpeg. I dunno. Anyways, I love the flowers and greenery in this kit, so pretty! This template was a freebie from Scrapping With Liz, so make sure you check her blog out, she has freebies quite regularly. Anyhoo, I better go get some of my other crap done tonight, have a great week! (Although I'll probably be posting again before too long now that things are back to normal all around!) Also, happy family day to all those Canadians out there!!! It was so nice to have a three day weekend, although it still seems like it wasn't long enough!

Cookin' In my Kitchen

Ok, so I forgot to post this yesterday with my colossal blog post about the STI store re-opening, so check it out:

I thought I had better post it in case anyone wanted to get signed up for the newsletter and have their chance to win that gift certificate!

I also needed to tell you that Dream Big Digi has a new kit out today called Cookin in My Kitchen, so if you don't have a cooking kit, or even if you do, check out this new one, it has lots of unique cooking elements:

My layouts:**Template by LaurieScraps

**Template by Crystal Livesay

There is something about my color combination on the first layout that just doesn't seem totally right to me, but I love the alpha and the elements, so I'm showing it to you anyways! I just love the second layout. The flour I created using the blue sprinkle from the kit, I thought I was pretty clever lol. Anyways, that's it for now. Have a great day, then go scrap it!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Wow, we're into February already! I have been a very busy girl as of lately and my poor little blog has been sorely neglected. I've been needing to update my book blog as well, but that one will have to wait for the moment. Between work, and kids and scrapping, there's not much time left at the end of the day! So first of all, Scrap That Idea is now open!! And new and improved!! Make sure you stop by the new store and check out all the new releases, the new look and the new gallery!! All the girls have new kits out, and each and every one of them is fantastic!! So grab a cup of coffee, some snacks, and settle in for the largest and longest post I think I may have ever done!! There is a new collab kit out by all the girls appropriately named New Beginnings. I love the color combo with this one, and there are so many papers and elements to choose from the combinations are endless! My layouts:**Template by LaurieScraps

Check out Mel's new colorful kit called Giggles. The elements are so incredibly cute!! The stickers remind me of the Mr.Men book series, anyone remember them?? Mel also has a couple add-ons for this kit, like some quick pages and stuff, and has it all bundled up for a super cheap price so make sure to look check it out!
And because I'm a slacker I only got one layout done with this kit. I may still do another one, I just haven't had time!! I used a template by Kristal Hartley for this one.

Stacey's new kit out is the next in her alphabet series called M is for Make My Day. I just love the colors in this one!

My layouts:
**Template by CSchneider

Stacey also has some CU items in her store, like frames and text paths, so make sure you check them out too if you're interested!

Sara's new kit is called Cafe Rose and is beautiful as well, check it out:
My layouts:
**Template Freebie from The DigiChick
**Template by Yin
I'm not sure what happened to my text on this layout, but that's not what it was supposed to look like! And I'm so lazy I didn't take the time to fix it, so just ignore it!! lol.
Vicki's new kits are so awesome, the first one is called Fun Times, it has a great mix of papers and I just love the craft paper with all those brights!
For both of my layouts, I used Vicki's templates, they were previous blog freebies, and she has packaged them up and put them in her store, you get four templates for only a dollar!
And here are my layouts, (for this first one I also used bokeh effects on the photo by Kaleidoscope):
Her next kit is called Doodle Love, probably because it is full of hand drawn elements that Vicki drew herself!
And my layouts:
Credits: Doodle Love by Vicki A Work in Progress, photo overlay by Lynne Marie Favreau, font Typewriter Royal 200
Credits: Doodle Love by Vicki A Work in Progress, template by Digi Designs by Denise, font Rockwell
Her next kit is Love is in the Air. Such a great kit!! Check out the preview:And here are my layouts, credits underneath:**Template by Crystal Livesay
I just love the alpha in this kit, isn't it great?!**Template by wmsquared

And in other scrapping news, Ptitesouris has a new kit out this week called Little Leane. It is so adorable, and I just love those soft purples and her different elements. Here is the preview:

My layout with this kit (template by Crystal Livesay):So as always, thanks for looking and happy scrapping! Make sure you go grab these kits while they are on sale! And make sure you check out the STI girls blogs, I think they all have freebie kits out right now in celebration of the new store!! (Click on their blinkies in the sidebar). TTFN, and have a great Valentine's weekend!

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!