Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do blog posts really need a title? I can't think of one for this post and they all are about scrap booking usually with little eensy weensy life tidbits thrown in for good measure. I'm sooo tired! We did Chase's 5th birthday party this weekend, it was crazy but fun, and Chase loved it. We had a face painter come to the house and this woman has some serious talent! I'll post pictures later, there is one featured on my layout below, which leads nicely into the newest kits for this week; here is the layout I did with Stacey's new kit, which shows off Chase painted up as Spiderman at his party on the weekend (template by Janet Phillips):Here is the kit preview, it's called Snips and Snails:She has some word art and QP's available as well as an extra alpha bundled up for only $5!Sara has some awesome templates in the store, I had a chance to play with them today, here is the preview:And here is my layout, with my kids. I had a really good weekend with them and am sooo proud of the people they are becoming! My journalling was short and sweet, but reading it I'm sure you could take it the wrong way, it sounds like I just love myself, but what I meant was that when I look at them (some days!) I see a little bit of myself, and it feels great to be proud of them, and know that they are mine. ♥
I used one of Sara's older kits, called Happiness (which is no longer in the store, but maybe if you beg and plead she would re-release it?! It may have even only been a freebie on her blog and maybe was never in the store, I don't remember anymore!):So there you have it. This week may be really sucky for me, I really want to sleep! Chase had his friend Paige sleep over last night and they were up until past midnight! Little buggers kept talking..., it was so cute though, as they're laying on the bed in front of the tv watching Shrek 3, Chase turns to me and says, "Mom, I really like her" and I told him I did too. She's such a great friend for him and they play really well together. Then they were up at 7am, so Chase was really a treat today LOL. Then he had another birthday party today at 1pm, so I ran out and got a gift after Paige's mom picked her up, came home, grabbed Chase and went to the party, and when we got home, he was so miserable that we laid down and had a little nap. I'm hoping they're good tomorrow morning when I get them up, and I have to get to sleep so I'm not a crabby hag tomorrow! Working and getting up all week is going to suck, and I already can't wait until Saturday! So have yourselves a great week, then scrap it!! LOL :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Week...

We went camping last weekend to kick off summer, May long weekend in Canada and all that, and it totally snowed! The kids still had fun, Chase spent a lot of time by the fire with Daddy, they made s'mores and tried fishing a couple times, and when they came back to the camper Mommy and Rayna were waiting with hot chocolate!
Stupid thing is, it was only raining when we left home (which isn't unusual for May long weekend, we thought it would just blow over!) and the next day we woke up to find it was snowing, and it continued all day long, the snow in the trees was so heavy it was falling off the branches onto the camper. Crazy. Then I came home and scrapped a little bit with the new kits for this week, first up is Dream a little dream by Mel:My layout (template by Jen Caputo):Next up is Stacey's last kit in the alphabet series, Z is for Zoo. (Don't be sad though, she already has some new kits in the works and they are fantastic! You can also get a deal on her other alphabet kits, so make sure to go grab them if you skipped any!)My layout (template by trixiescraps):Last but not least is Cherish by Vicki:When I saw this kit I knew instantly this was what I wanted to do with it! Chase has been having some behavioural difficulties at his day home (lots of throwing sand, toys and hitting!) so I gave his day home lady some stickers and once he gets ten, I told him I would take him to see Shrek 4, and so far he's doing OK, he's gotten 4 stickers. I wanted to make this chart for him to have at home to keep encouraging him to be good! Gives him a place for his stickers as well, and I made it 8 1/2" by 11" so I could just print it off here. The colors for this kit were perfect! And the plaid paper made me think of Shrek's pants!! So that's it for this week, by baby boy turns 5 this weekend and I have sooo much to do to get ready for his party. I don't know what I was thinking, but this will be his biggest birthday party to date, and there may be over twenty people crammed in my tiny little house!! Hopefully the weather cooperates better for this weekend than it did for our camping! Have a great week everyone!

Monday, May 17, 2010

This Week and a Freebie!!

We are sooo going camping this weekend!! I absolutely cannot wait! While I love scrapping and all my computer time, it will be so nice to be unplugged for the weekend! Time to take the kids fishing, sit by the campfire (hopefully the bans are off!) and using our camper again, since we didn't use it last year. This will be Rayna's first time camping for real, as last year she wasn't walking and we didn't really go camping with her. It should be so much fun! But I can't let you just hang, here are the new kits from this week, as well as a couple catch up items for some of my other CT's:

First off, Cheri opened a new store!! Her designs are now available at Scrapable! And because I'm a sucky CT member these days, her sale is almost over, however if you hurry you can still catch it! Check out her new store HERE.
She also has a new collab kit out with Rebecca B, what a fun girly kit! It's called Girls Just Wanna have Fun (also one of my favorite songs!!):The little girls are so cute, and I so badly wanted to make a hybrid and print out some paper dolls for the kids to play with, the dresses and the shoes are so cute! My layout (template by JewelScraps):Cheri also released this beautiful kit called Blush:Here is my layout (no template, yay me! and word art by the fantabular Kathy Winters - to get the effect I duplicated the background paper layer, used the WA like a clipping mask and added a shadow).I also turned my layout into a QP (I'm really late in posting this so my apologies to Cheri!):

Click HERE to download.

Next up I need to show you the word art pack that is in the above layout and I mentioned in my last post, Kathy has this set up in her store, and I absolutely love it. I'm finding so many new ways to use word art, and have been playing with textures and special effects, here is her Memories Made word art pack:I also used this word art pack on the layout I did for Vicki's new kit, Boy's Club:My layout (template by jayedid designs) and word art by Kathy Winters of course! I recolored the word art and added some effects (don't ask me now which ones as I'll never remember!! I just play til I like the look of it and then save it!)I also did a second one using the alpha from the kit:Mel released this really fun, summery kit called Jive:My layout (template by Janet Phillips):Makes me wish summer was here full on already! Sara also has a kit out this week and I really love it, all if it! It's called Fresh Flowers:My layout (template by Crystal Livesay):

Stacey has a new one out as well (she's truly a scrapping MACHINE!! I seriously can't keep up!) This new one is called Y is for You Complete Me:And my layout (template by Three Paper Peonies):I always see these really simple layouts and love them, it's so hard not for me to put more elements on! SO there you have it. I hope now I'm all up to date! I probably won't be on here again before next week so have a great week and an even better weekend, may the sun shine wherever you are!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Stuffs

I'm running short on time lately, with better weather here I've been spending more time outside with the kids, I also started Weight Watchers again (hopefully third time's a charm!) and meal planning and exercise has started to take a front seat instead of a back seat, and I seem to go to bed exhausted with no time to do anything other than cook supper, clean the kitchen and go to bed! So I'll keep it short as I do need to go fall into bed, here are the new kits this week from the girls at STI (hope you all made out like bandits at the NSD sale!), first up is the HUGE collab kit by all four designers called Funkytown:My layout (template by Designs by Jennamy82):Stacey released this one last week (as I said I've been pressed for time!) W is for Wild:Such a cute kit and I just love that little bull! Template by BTA Designs:This week she released X is X-Specially for Boys:And then I went right ahead and did a girl layout with it!! Template by Janet Phillips:Vicki has Happiness Is in the store for this week, I always love her color combos!I just love Rayna's expressions! I caught a good one in this layout (template by Julie Billingsley) and word art by Kathy Winters:I'll give you some linky love for Kathy Winters word art that I used but for some reason am unable to reach the site tonight...Tomorrow maybe??
Mel took a little slow down as she had some other stuff happening on her end (we all know how life has the tendency to get in the way of our scrapping!) and then she came back with this fantastic kit! The CT layouts blew me away, this kit is just gorgeous! Here is Exhale:
And here is my layout of Rayna playing her current favorite game (template by Armina)

So that's it, I think, I hope I didn't forget anything! I know Cheri has a new kit out and I am late as usual. These women are so talented and are just scrapping machines, I can't keep up. Something's gotta give!! Anyways, I hope to be on again tomorrow and add the new Word Art sets by Kathy and Cheri's new kit, so until then, nighty night!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seen this yet??

Have you seen this trailer yet? I just found it tonight, and Eclipse is looking like it's going to be pretty good! Can't wait til June :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

International Scrapbook Day!!

I'm at the Holiday Inn today for international scrapbook day, I have 12 hours to scrap to my hearts content! There are so many things going on in scrapland for ISD, I don't know how productive my day will be, but it's still time away from the family to focus on my scrapbooking!! I also wanted to let you know about a sale happening at Scrap that Idea, 50% off, so make sure you check that out! I'll be back hopefully tomorrow to let you know about all the new kits out this week! So happy ISD!!

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!