Monday, March 19, 2012

I am so in LOVE with this chicken!

Hey all, I bought the cutest pattern for a little Easter chick yesterday, and I was so excited to make it! Bought some fuzzy yarn and made it tonight. It makes me SO happy ;)
The yarn I used was 60% cotton 40% polyamide although at the moment I can't remember what the brand was as it's not something I've worked with before (and let me tell you this stuff is SLIPPERY! And hard to see stitches around all the fluff but the end result was worth it). The basket I made up myself using two strands of brown and tan 100% cotton by Bernat and the edging I used a fun fur type (again I can't remember what brand as it is also new to me. I will edit this post later with the brand names!). I also ended up using some safety eyes left over from another project, as the wooden beads (called for in the pattern) that I paid for didn't end up in my bag from the craft store. Isn't she cute?!
And here she is from the side...
Oh, and look what she's hiding under there!! My favorite of all Easter treats EVER, the Cadbury Creme Egg. Mmm. I originally wanted to have the little foil wrapped mini eggs, which I thought I had left over from last year, but I didn't have any so we either ate them all or I have since thrown them away. Lucky the hubby had a Creme Egg tucked away in his not so secret stash lol.
What a sweet little hen.

I found the pattern on zoom yummy's blog, (here) which led me to her Etsy store (here). She has other goodies there too, so check her out! I was also inspired to make the nest by one of her "favorite" Etsy items, which you can see here.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hooky Happiness

Have I told you what my most recent obsession is? Have you heard of David's Tea? It's a new tea store that opened in the mall, crazy flavored teas with chocolate and jelly beans in them, they have so many to choose from! Sometimes when my in-laws come to visit I'll make us tea, but I didn't have a teapot so it was a pain steeping three different cups of tea in individual cups with three different steeper baskets so I bought a teapot set last time I was there. Then I got to thinking that maybe I needed a tea cozy to keep the tea I googled and googled and Etsy'd and Ravelry'd and found a photo on pinterest (see it here) that inspired me to make this version (keep in mind that these were taken on my iPhone at night so quality is a little off):

I will have you know that I made this completely without a pattern (i never make anything without a pattern ir instructions at least). I'm pretty proud of myself although I do have to admit I may make another one that is maybe not so busy? Then I thought maybe a little hot pad to go under the teapot would be a good idea too, so I made this one from a tutorial I found here. I love the colors and my teapot and cups are a light lime green so I think it looks very fresh and springy and it just makes me happy.

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!