Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Wow, I'm writing this on my iPad while I sit in bed... Can't believe how long it's been since I have blogged! My iPad that was under my tree today that is! So awesome. Our kids had a great day, this year was the first year they asked other relatives for presents and got the "is that it" bug, I quickly tried to turn that attitude around and let them know they need to be thankful for anything they got! They both got the leap pad from leapfrog, as well as an x-box, along with all their other gifts, so they have lots to be happy about.

I also had my Forks trip back in August, it was so weird and surreal being there. I still haven't seen Breaking Dawn, hoping to go while on holidays here before it leaves theatres! The trip was a great experience though, saw the HOH Rainforest, visited the ocean at La Push Beach, had mushroom ravioli at Bella Italia (with two cokes) and stopped in Seattle on the way back. Got to see the space needle and the original Starbucks. Just wish we had more time, we cruised through it all pretty quickly.

Anyhoo, just signed on quickly as I didn't know if it would let me post from my new device, and wanted to wish everyone out in blog land a very merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm going to FOOOORRRKKS!!

So in 6 days I will be going to Forks Washington, the setting for my all time favorite book, Twilight. I just finished reading it again for the umpteenth time lol. My friend and I started planning it last year and it's finally time for the trip! I'm pretty stoked. I already bought Chase his school supplies as by the time I get back there will be only three days left before he starts school. Grade one!! So happy that my dayhome costs will finally drop a teeny tiny bit. Bought Rayna's birthday gifts too, I'll just need to hit the dollar store to get her some balloons and party stuff but her birthday isn't until mid September so I still have time. I have been crafting up a storm too lately, I've fallen back in love with crochet and made a blanket for the camper, half a baby blanket (there wasn't enough yellow in the kit so I'm waiting on a ball of yarn to arrive in the mail) and some cute little flowers to spruce up the jar that holds all Rayna's ponies. I'll share photos and links when I'm on my computer, as apparently I can't upload photos from my phone to blogger! Anyhow, just a quick update, chat more when I have time!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

What I've been up to

Wow, last year I was on here all the time and now...not so much LOL. So much has happened and so much has stayed the same. Chase finished Kindergarten and will be going to Grade 1 this year in September, I can't wait for that just for the reduced childcare costs (finally!). He just lost his second tooth, which reminds me that the tooth fairy needs to stop by his room on her way to bed... Rayna is still growing like a weed and talking more and more each day, she's so beautiful sometimes it just astounds me that she came from me. She's so cute and I'm loving how her personality is starting to show through. She's quite stubborn and opinionated at times, which I don't love but she probably gets that from me too. Work has been going well, my dept is under new management now and we'll be getting a new system (AGAIN!) in October, or at least that's the plan. There's been lots of changes, lots of staff turnover but things are going well and I'm happy there. We are going on our holidays next weekend too! Going to sunshiney Kelowna BC for a week to visit friends, we'll be camping in the mountains this weekend and next to break up the ride for the kids, which I think will be spectacular. I can't wait!! SO excited. Our weather here has been the shits as of late, we've had rain for two weeks straight and lots of nearby areas are flooded. It's so depressing! And then next month I'm also taking a week to go to....(insert drum roll here....) FOOOOORRRKSSS!! WOOO! Yup, a friend of mine asked me a while ago if I wanted to go on a road trip to Forks Washington (the setting for my all time favorite book Twilight) and I said yes so in August I'll be doing that. Had to get my passport but I did finally and I'm totally good to go! So happy that I actually get holidays this year, as usually we just go camping and stay close to home so this will be a welcome change. I also haven't been scrap booking as much as usual, I miss it and do want to get back to it but just haven't been finding the time. I've come to realize there is only so many hours in a day and I really have to work at deciding what I want to do with that time, especially those precious hours that are left to me after work and supper and the kids and all those pesky "life" tasks that get in the way of what I really want to be doing! Here is a sneak peak at what I have been doing (besides reading):

This one is based on the blanket I saw here, but I'm using the pattern I found here. The one on Attic 24's page just wasn't working for me, I don't know why. But the one I'm using is working fantastic and looks the same.

And this one is totally based on the blanket I saw here and she did a tutorial (which I found after I bought the discontinued pattern book on ebay!!) and the tutorial is here. SO super easy and I love it! I'm excited about the colors and can't wait to see how it will turn out! First time using cotton for an afghan too instead of the normal acrylic. Ahhh, the beginnings of something warm and cozy... :)
So I will leave you with that for now, I'm sure it's going to be a busy week of packing the camper and getting things ready to go for the weekend. And judging from my posting history this year I probably won't post again until sometime in at least September!! I really need to see if I can update my blog from my phone, as I hardly ever go on the computer anymore other than to watch old episodes of Fringe online, or to download a new kit!! LOL. Take care, happy crafting and I'll try to update soon :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I swallowed my tooth!

So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it's again been months since I last posted, but whatever, who cares, there is nothing that says I have to blog every detail of every day! I don't know why I feel like having a blog would mean that I have to post frequently! Anyways, we just passed a small milestone in Chase's life, he lost his first tooth today. He turns 6 in three weeks, and his tooth has been loose for a couple months now, and today he bit into cantaloupe at mother's day brunch, and he thought he had a seed stuck in his tooth and he was starting to get very agitated about it and was digging around in his mouth and his Dad looked in there and said it was his tooth ready to fall out! He sort of freaked out a little and started to cry so I took him to the washroom so he could take a look at it and I explained that he's getting new big boy teeth underneath and that now when his tooth falls out the tooth fairy will come get his tooth and give him money for it, so he was ok after that. He worked it all day with his tongue and we had a full, very active day. I gave an old bench chair new life with a great coat of paint and the kids played outside all day, and he was pretty pooped out by supper. He was scared to eat anything because of his tooth so had cheerios for supper LOL. He fell asleep on the couch watching TV and I woke him up at bath time so he could go get washed up, he had paint in his hair and was dirty from being outside, but he didn't want to, so I bribed him with an ice cream treat to get in the tub and he agreed. After he got out he of course came to collect his payment for getting in the tub, and told me he wanted a cone instead of ice cream in a dish, so I gave him an ice cream cone, and after he was done I told him to go brush his teeth being careful of his loose one so he didn't hurt it, and the next thing I know he comes rushing down the stairs crying, "NOOOO!" with his lips pulled open. His tooth was gone and he was crying, "Now I have nothing to give to the tooth fairy!". He looked under the table, but I'm pretty sure he swallowed it, what with the combination of the cold ice cream and the crunchy cone, he never noticed when it fell out, and I didn't even think about that happening before I gave it to him. I felt so bad!! So we wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining what happened and drew a picture of his tooth, and he signed it. He tucked it under his pillow, and I told him that way she would still know he had lost his tooth, so I'm pretty sure she'll come take the note tonight! Poor guy! I scrapped a page to commemorate the event too (of course):

Credits: fonts: juice ITC, dupree, idolwild
template: Sara Gleason
kit: Toof Fairy by GSCreations & KimB’s Designs

Luckily I had taken photos of his tooth all cockeyed in his mouth this morning, and got one last photo of his smile before his tooth fell out.

And if you're interested here are a couple photos of my gorgeous re-painted chair (it actually has no legs) and my hubby found it and set it here in my garden and I thought it was the perfect spot, on the south wall of the house and I can sit there and sun myself and watch the kids play in the yard. All it needed was this beautiful color :)

My rhubarb is going crazy already! I better dig out my standby recipes to start using it up! Here is another photo beside an identical bench, gives you a good idea of before and after, as my hubs is still in the process of sanding the other one.
That's what I did with my mothers day! Hope all of you got spoiled as well! That's it for now, I'll post when I have the time and something to say, TTFN :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

I scrapped!!

Wow, I can't believe that it has been MONTHS since I've posted! Good thing I know all of you are not sitting around hanging on my last word! It seems like so much has changed and yet nothing has. Chase started kindergarten last September, can't remember if I mentioned that or not, he's been doing well, although he's still a little cling-on when I try to leave in the morning. His homework is another story altogether as well, but we've been working on it. He had a sleepover with a friend this weekend at our house and they played exceptionally well together, save the fact that Rayna was the dreaded "annoying little sister" and let me tell you, she sure played her part. Every time Chase's friend came near her, Rayna hit her, and Chase and his friend spent most of the time telling her to go away, so sad to say she spent a lot of time watching her new favorite movie Beauty and the Beast. Seriously, she's watched it so many times I have it memorized! I've tried to get her on to something else but she just loves it so much, she won't watch anything else. Rayna has also been doing fine at the day home, we had a little scare at the beginning of the month and thought she had broken her arm, when I picked her up on the Friday she wouldn't use her right arm at all. She wasn't crying about it at all but she wouldn't use it so we took her to emergency and they did x-rays and said she was fine, but a few days later our family doctor called to say they thought she had a break and needed a cast, so back we went and they did more x-rays and it turns out all is fine. She's back to normal now, one of the kids at the day home sat on her so I think she just strained it and it was pretty tender for a couple days. She's pretty tough, so for her to not be using it we knew something was off. She's very much in "no me help" mode lately, everything is her way or the highway. Oh I wish I could skip past the two's and three's!! She is miserable to get out of bed in the mornings (don't have any idea where she gets that from!!) but for what she gives out in attitude she makes up for in cuteness, and she knows it! And myself, well I've been doing well, work has calmed down a bit with the new system (only for them to inform us we're getting a new one in a couple months-AGAIN!). It was pretty crazy before Christmas but this month has been warmer and that affects our fuel sales so it hasn't been so nutzo. I spend a lot of time on my iPhone, which I got back in November or somewhere in there. I absolutely love it, and use it for everything, from checking the weather and counting my weight watcher points to playing games and remembering birthdays. It annoys my husband so bad that I bring it to bed every night to read!! Probably why I never seem to turn on my computer anymore, as most stuff I can do from my phone now and it just seems so much easier! I bought a treadmill for Christmas and have been trying to fit some exercise in as well, but it's not as often as I'd like. Work in progress I suppose. I still need to de-clutter my house, and my word for 2011 is LESS. Less clutter, less stuff, less spending, less debt, less stress, less busy, just LESS everything! I seriously need to reorganize several areas of my life so I can get back to the things that really matter. I should get going to bed, a hot bath and my bed were calling my name a couple hours ago, and then I ended up scrapping instead! Here is my layout if you want to see it, I haven't done one since October. Seriously?! I did it for the Designer Spotlight challenge over at Oscraps, I used the kit "Dialogue" by Paislee Press and One Little Bird Designs, and the template I used is by Paislee as well and is a freebie there right now too. Enjoy the rest of your week, and maybe I'll pop on more often than once every 4 months, but hey, no promises!!

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!