Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Blogiversary!! Giveaways!!

Hey everyone, today is my one year blogiversary! Yes, I know, weird day to start blogging right?! Well, actually I started on the 30th, but I was busy the last couple days! I made some trick or treat bags, using the pattern I found HERE. There is a cute little treat bag pattern HERE that is basically the same. I'll show you pictures later!! I have some digiscrap news to share as well. So first up, I'm going to show you what the giveaway for today is!! The wonderful girls at Quilt Taffy are putting up the prize for today, which is a Christmas themed turnover, great for all kinds of projects! Here is a look at it:
If you want to enter for the giveaway, all you have to do is visit their store over at ebay, and let me know what your favorite item is in the comments. Click on the picture to visit their store:I'll leave the giveaway open til November 7th, and the winner will be drawn at random. Special thanks to Des and Corrie for supplying the giveaway for today!!

Next up, Maureen is having a sale over at her SAS store, so go check that out HERE.

Also, Stacey is releasing F is for Family Reunion and G is for Groovy this weekend, and if you buy them both, you get a super deal!! Click on the preview to be taken to the store. I'll be posting my layouts tomorrow. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh me, Oh my, it's finally arrived

Well, I laid down with my kids today to have a little nap as we've all been under the weather, and when I woke up, my husband was home, and I woke up to see this resting on my laptop (and please ignore all the extra crap in the background!!):
Does that say AMAZON.CA on the corner?!?! Yes! Yes it does! I'm so excited. Let's just pull on this tab here...Oh me, oh my, there she is!! Peeking at me from her hiding place in her cozy little box, which was delayed for some reason on it's trip home to me...Hey there P-dub. Wanna come out and play?My copy of The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook finally arrived today. I pre-ordered this on September 3, as soon as Ree noted on her blog that it was available for pre-order. And let me tell you, I am so glad it has arrived. And this is no ordinary cookbook! Of course she has recipes, some of her favorites from her blog, and some never before posted ones too. But she also included personal stories behind some of the recipes, and their lives on the ranch. And photos.Photos like this one, on a salad page. Typical Ree humour, and I love it. No boring old cookbook here!! And the artwork for the title pages is so...Pioneer Woman. It's like her blog popped off my computer screen and landed on this book.And there are photos of her family, and her "punks" like this one here. There are probably thousands of photos like this one on her blog (ok, well maybe not thousands, but a few) and I love that she included them in her book. It just shows (yet again, if you can't tell from her blog posts by now) that Ree will always put her family first, and without them, this book would never have been. And I love that too.
I also laughed out loud when I saw the last page of her book, but I didn't take a photo of it. It is the epitome of Ree, The Pioneer Woman, and her blog, and it is the reason why I read her blog in the first place, for her humour, her wit, and her outlook on life. If you want to see it, you'll just have to buy your own!! Ree, if you ever stumble across my little corner of blog world, I love your blog, and your book, and you!! You can buy her book on Amazon and other places, and if you've never been to her website, please do yourself a favour and go check it out. You'll be so glad that you did.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Harvest Thanks, This is Halloween

Hey guys! I have two kits to show you today! The first one is from Cheri at Dream Big Designs called Harvest Thanks. Here is the full preview:And for my first layout I used the Hand Stamped Alpha on the date tag and the title is CK Ali's Hand with Gungsuh Che (I did a search but it comes up as a Japanese font, so I suppose any old typewriter font will do lol):
And the second kit is from Stacey. I tell you she is a designing powerhouse!! She keeps cranking them out. Her laptop must be permanently attached to her arms!!! lol. Seriously, she's keeping us pretty busy! Her new kit is just in time for the spooky holiday, and it's called This is Halloween. Here is the preview of the whole kit:
For my first layout, I used the font Jamaistevie for the title and Pea Mique Bold for the journalling. I also used a template by Crystal Longbrake.
For my second layout I used the font Dead Hardy for the title, and the font that is included in the kit. Isn't it great!! I used the googly eyes off the font as an element. I love them!So thanks for looking, and always happy scrapping!!

Beautiful, How I Wonder, Jungle Boogie

Hey all! The wonderful girls at Scrap That Idea have some great new kits out this week! Sara has a new kit out this week called Beautiful, and it's aptly named, as it is definitely beautiful!! Here is a preview of the kit: I don't actually favour blues that much in my scrapping, especially for photos of Rayna, but this layout came together fairly easily for me, and I just love the elements in this kit! I had such a hard time choosing which ones to use! I kept adding them and then deleting them... This is the result! I'm very happy with this layout! The font on the star for the date was DJB Journal Bits.This is the second layout I did, I just love craft papers! The cluster frame over top of the blue one is in a freebie add on Sara has on her blog, so make sure you pop over there and grab it! This was such a cool photo, it fit perfect on the layout! We actually had snow on October 6th, so the next morning, Chase wanted to go outside and blow bubbles, so I thought, whatever, go ahead, and when I went outside a few minutes later all his bubbles were just resting on the snow! I had to take pictures it just looked so neat. Only in Northern Alberta!! lol. Sucks that we have snow already though. The font on the date tag is Hotel Coral Essex, and the "bubbles" is the alpha included in the kit. The "in the snow" font is !Sketchy Times (no that's not a typo lol).
Mel also has not one, but two new kits out this week! The first one is How I Wonder, and it is so pretty, the pastels are grunged just right, I had fun playing with this kit. Here is the kit preview:

And my layout:
I took Chase to preschool for the first time today, and did this layout the same day so I wouldn't forget the details! The title and wordart are included in the kit (the title is using the alpha) and the journalling font I used was SF Carissa. The date font is Amienne.

Mel's other kit being released this week is a totally cute zoo type kit called Jungle Boogie. Here is the preview:Aren't all those fuzzy elements so cute??! Here is my first layout of Chase playing on his swing in the backyard:

and my second layout, Chase barely a week old:The date on the photo was done with the Adler font, and the "Lion" is Sasquatch font, and the rest of the title is Ufrayd font.
Well, that's all folks! As always, the kits are on sale for the first 48 hours, so make sure you grab it at the Scrap that Idea store! Happy scrapping :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Moon New Clip

Oooh, I found a new clip for new moon today!! You can view it HERE. Also found these movie stills, this looks like the scene at the beginning of New Moon where Bella is dreaming she sees her grandmother and then realizes it's herself looking in a mirror and she freaks out because she's getting older and Edward isn't. Looks good hey!! I'm getting so excited, less than a month left!And this one is obviously the date they go on before Jacob phases for the first time...I'm so excited for the movie. I've decided not to go on opening night though, as I really don't want to go see it with throngs of 13 year olds that will squeal every time Jake has his shirt off, which from the looks of the previews and the stills, is quite a bit! Notice both the boys are sitting with their hands open for Bella to hold??
I just hope I don't hate it. That new scene clip is from the ending of the movie, and there was no violence when they went to the Volturi, it was more...mental stuff...for lack of better wording. I'm a little irritated they deviated so much from the book! Edward stays close to Bella's side, only leaving her to let Aro touch his palm. And Bella is shaking with fear, and yet in the clip she is looking at them with contempt?! Maybe I'm too critical, and I'll try to refrain from making any snap judgements until I've seen the full version, instead of all these little sneaks!!
I also wanted to show you the new boots I bought Rayna for this winter. They are so cute!! Thank you Wal Mart for stocking cute little moccasin style boots, in pink, with pom poms, in a size 4 for my little girl. See those butterflies? And the little snowflakes? I think to myself, only in northern Alberta, do we see butterflies AND snowflakes...together.
And these ones I thought were cute too. A girl needs to have some color options depending on what she's wearing right? And she can never have too many shoes. I've actually been really good, I haven't bought her shoes at all, these may be the first footwear (besides Robees) that I've picked for her! No, that's not accurate, I bought her some little baby crocs, but they never did fit her, and now it's too cold. Anyways, aren't her new shoes cute?? I love them. And the price was right too.
That's it. Stay tuned next week, as on my blogiversary, I'll be kicking off a series of giveaways, with great prizes from the great people that I've met here in blogland!! I also am going to be making some trick or treat bags from a tutorial and I'd love to show you when I'm done!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bumps and Bruises

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know Cheri has a new kit in her store! It's different, and has some great elements! It's called Bumps and Bruises, here is the preview:And here is what I did with it:

Chase had a heart murmur when he was born and he would have had to have heart surgery if it didn't close up on it's own. Scary!!! I was so glad he was ok. The font I used for the title was Pulse Sans Virgin, and the journalling was DJB journal bits. It's on sale for the week for only $2, so go grab it while you can!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Mel's new kit for this week is beautiful. It's another one in the series of her CT appreciation, and is called Leigh. I just love the leather elements!! Here is the full preview:And a preview of just the papers:And here is my first layout, it's a photo of the original farmhouse of my great grandparents in Alberta. The font I used was Aquiline Two.And this is one of my favorite layouts to date, my interview with Chase! I found the challenge and idea for this on the Oscraps forum, and I loved it! I love the answers Chase gave me, he's so amusing, and I would love to do this same interview again next year, when he's five. I used the alpha that is included with the kit, as well as the CK Ali's Hand font, for the title. The journalling font is DJB Journal Bits, and the Hand Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman for the date. I also used a template by BTA Designs.
So run to the store and grab this kit today! As always, it's on sale for the first 48 hours. Happy Scrapping!

It's the Tooth Fairy

Wow, Stacey came up with a doozy this time! This kit is called It's the Tooth Fairy, and it is jam packed with all kinds of good stuff! Check it out:And here is my first layout, a very special photo, Rayna's first tooth! I just love the papers in this kit. I think I may be a paper addict. I love the colors and grunge effects. Stacey you are an artist!! I used the Hand Stamped Alpha for the date. This is another one of the rare alpha's that I've actually paid for (and it is a font, so you can just type it in, I love that!) and it is quickly becoming my go to font for lots of layouts.And this one is Chase's first trip to the dentist (yes, I know he's 4!!). He has perfect teeth despite my negligent attitude towards taking him to the tiny teeth program. (I mean, those teeth are going to fall out anyways, right?? I kid. Maybe. hehe.) I was so proud of him, he did fantastic, he was totally excited to open his mouth for them and everything, it was so cute. I used the Hand Stamped Alpha again for the date, and !PaulMaul font for the title. (And yes, it has an exclamation in front of the name, that's not a typo!) The "dentist" word is the included alpha from the kit. (There are two alpha's included!!) And here is Rayna again, chewing on the baby swing at the park, I swear she's part dog, she is chewing on EVERYTHING!! So gross, but I had to take a picture because she looked so funny. I love those sparkles!! And the clouds, and I love the colors of this layout. I used the other alpha from the kit on this one.
So run on over to the Scrap that Idea store to grab this kit, there are a lot of elements that I didn't use, I don't know if I gave you a very good idea of all you can do with this kit. But it's great!! Happy Scrapping, and make sure you check out Stacey's blog, she may have an add on freebie for you!

Oh Boy

Vicki has a really great new kit out this week in the Scrap that Idea store. I found this kit so easy to work with I did three layouts!! I love the techno elements, and the colors are great. Here is the full preview of Oh Boy: And here is my first layout, I just loved that gameboy console, as Chase and his cousins are always playing gameboys. It's so cute. I'm really amazed at how good they are at playing them, even though they're so young! I just love the alpha in this kit too.Here is my smart little boy learning and practising his letters! I just had to get a shot of him with his practise board, with all the letters he'd done with the dry erase marker. He's trying so hard! They need to know how to write their name and the alphabet before kindergarten, so we're really trying to focus on helping him get these into his brain! The font I used was Batik regular.And of course, could I really let a kit go by and not do a Twilight layout?? Hah! I don't think so lol. I have Twilight in so many different formats it's not even funny. And at first I thought the kite didn't really fit into my layout, but then it made me think of flying away, and escaping, which is what Twilight does for me. So now, I think it totally fits. The font I used was Pablo.This kit is only $3 at the Scrap that Idea store for the first 48 hours, so hop on over and grab it while it's on sale!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I touched my sewing machine

Ever have a day where you feel like this??I totally am having one today. Anyone want a 4 year old?? Chase has suddenly turned into this defiant little boy, tells me no to everything, and he cries at the drop of a hat...I seriously don't know what to do with him anymore, or what has brought it all on!! I spend ALL DAY entertaining him, we bake cakes, read stories, do puzzles, build train tracks, make playdough, practice writing his letters...he probably gets more one on one attention than any kid out there. And trying to do anything fun with him usually ends up with me yelling at him, totally frustrated because the whole point was to have fun and his behavior always ruins it. Are all 4 year olds like this, or is it just mine?? Eerg. It's no wonder my husband comes home to this everyday.On a different note, I actually managed to touch my sewing machine yesterday! I dusted it off, cleared off my sewing table of all the junk and clutter that has taken hold of the surface, dug out some of my scraps and made these two blocks:Now I think it's quite obvious that the brown one seems a little bit skewed. Granted I haven't touched my sewing machine in months, but I didn't think I could bugger up a 9 patch! I'd like to claim that it's the way I took the photo, or even maybe the way I cut the material, and it's merely illusion that makes it look like it's wonky. I don't know for sure. What I do know is that this orange one looks better to me. I hope Amanda Jean likes them! Oh, did I forget to mention why I suddenly broke scrapbooking stride and started sewing again? Well, I saw this post on Creative Chicks, about Amandajean's post, and decided to pitch in by sending in a block. Then I decided to send two, as well as some matching scraps for the scrappy border. I hope she doesn't mind an amateur quilter sending in a couple of wonky blocks!! lol. Hopefully once she adds sashing and borders it all up you won't notice!! How cool will it be to see one of my blocks in a finished quilt at Crazy Mom Quilts?? I love her blog, if you haven't been there before you should go check it out, she's got some serious talent! And what a great idea by Emily at Creative Chicks to help another quilter out?? I love it. If you want to help out, just leave a message on the Creative Chicks post, and Emily will send you all the info! Just gotta get these in the mail now! I also finished reading Silver Birches, I'll have the review up on my book review blog later today! Have a great day and happy sewing!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dream Big Digi's New Store and a Freebie!

Guess what?! Dream Big Digi has moved to a new store! Her fantastic designs can now be found at Designer Digitals. And to celebrate, she's giving away a free kit! Just click the link to be taken to her store to snag the freebie, and browse around while you're there!! She's got all her kits marked down for her store opening! Congrats Cheri!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Twilight Challenge!

Hey all, I'm hosting a Twilight scrapbooking challenge at the Scrap that Idea blog, go check it out for a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to Sara's store!! Go check it out and get your layouts up in the Rose's Challenge gallery!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ok, so here it is, the big one, the one I've been waiting for....Sara's new kit, Twilight. I ♥ this kit! I loved playing with it, loved the papers, the elements, the alpha's (yes, there are two!), I loved all of it! Did you notice my new blog design? I used this kit to do it. I had so many Twilight photos I wanted to use, I just kept doing layouts! Wanna see? You know you wanna... This first one is with the "Family Portrait". Anyone know where this photo originated? I first saw it on,/ which is just a fun site for wasting time putting your face on Pamela Anderson's' body. This was one of the scenes you could put your faces into, so I searched on flickr, and found it, but have no idea if it was from a photo shoot for a magazine or what the heck. Doesn't really matter anyways, I'm just curious. I love it though. I am extremely curious too if that is the actual girl that will play Renesmee? I have to admit I got the idea for this layout from a photo of Twilight I saw somewhere (and I don't remember where) but Edward was sort of erased from the photo. Since New Moon is right around the corner, I decided to do this layout. (Anyone else as excited as I am for the movie to come out?) I seriously don't want to see the movie with a bunch of 13 year olds though. Bad enough watching Twilight and during the kiss scene they were all squealing, it was so annoying. I don't remember ever being like that as a teenage girl, but maybe I was and just didn't realize! The font I used was Be Safe.This is quite possibly my favorite layout, I just love that red paper, it really brings out her eyes lol. The feathers were perfect, and I love those ribbons too! Also, it's nice that the alpha is included in metal and in white, great for different layouts.Ooooh, and who could forget the Volturi?? I realized after I did this one that I forgot the blond one (not sure which characters play who, and I didn't care enough to go looking hehe). I know the bottom two are Jane and Alec, and the top one is Aro, but is cloaked guy Caius, or Marcus? Very sinister. AUGH! 39 more days til New Moon. And here is the whole kit! It really is great, and I know the other girls on the CT did layouts that didn't have anything to do with Twilight, so this kit is very versatile as well. And of course, the kits are on sale for the first 48 hours for only $3, so go grab this kit (click on the preview to be directed to the store)!! Sara also has a freebie add-on on her blog, so go check it out!

Happy scrapping! (Oh, and on a side note, the fantabulous Nancy made me another blinkie, and she made it to match my blog design!! Isn't it great??? I absolutely love it, so thanks again Nancy!!)

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!