Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Moon New Clip

Oooh, I found a new clip for new moon today!! You can view it HERE. Also found these movie stills, this looks like the scene at the beginning of New Moon where Bella is dreaming she sees her grandmother and then realizes it's herself looking in a mirror and she freaks out because she's getting older and Edward isn't. Looks good hey!! I'm getting so excited, less than a month left!And this one is obviously the date they go on before Jacob phases for the first time...I'm so excited for the movie. I've decided not to go on opening night though, as I really don't want to go see it with throngs of 13 year olds that will squeal every time Jake has his shirt off, which from the looks of the previews and the stills, is quite a bit! Notice both the boys are sitting with their hands open for Bella to hold??
I just hope I don't hate it. That new scene clip is from the ending of the movie, and there was no violence when they went to the Volturi, it was more...mental stuff...for lack of better wording. I'm a little irritated they deviated so much from the book! Edward stays close to Bella's side, only leaving her to let Aro touch his palm. And Bella is shaking with fear, and yet in the clip she is looking at them with contempt?! Maybe I'm too critical, and I'll try to refrain from making any snap judgements until I've seen the full version, instead of all these little sneaks!!
I also wanted to show you the new boots I bought Rayna for this winter. They are so cute!! Thank you Wal Mart for stocking cute little moccasin style boots, in pink, with pom poms, in a size 4 for my little girl. See those butterflies? And the little snowflakes? I think to myself, only in northern Alberta, do we see butterflies AND snowflakes...together.
And these ones I thought were cute too. A girl needs to have some color options depending on what she's wearing right? And she can never have too many shoes. I've actually been really good, I haven't bought her shoes at all, these may be the first footwear (besides Robees) that I've picked for her! No, that's not accurate, I bought her some little baby crocs, but they never did fit her, and now it's too cold. Anyways, aren't her new shoes cute?? I love them. And the price was right too.
That's it. Stay tuned next week, as on my blogiversary, I'll be kicking off a series of giveaways, with great prizes from the great people that I've met here in blogland!! I also am going to be making some trick or treat bags from a tutorial and I'd love to show you when I'm done!!

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Vicki said...

So, I finally watched Twilight (against my better judgement) and I was really disappointed with it - it deviates from the book to much imo and they leave out so much. I hope that New Moon will be better, although judging by the clip, they are deviating again!! oh well, c'est la vie! :)

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!