Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's the Tooth Fairy

Wow, Stacey came up with a doozy this time! This kit is called It's the Tooth Fairy, and it is jam packed with all kinds of good stuff! Check it out:And here is my first layout, a very special photo, Rayna's first tooth! I just love the papers in this kit. I think I may be a paper addict. I love the colors and grunge effects. Stacey you are an artist!! I used the Hand Stamped Alpha for the date. This is another one of the rare alpha's that I've actually paid for (and it is a font, so you can just type it in, I love that!) and it is quickly becoming my go to font for lots of layouts.And this one is Chase's first trip to the dentist (yes, I know he's 4!!). He has perfect teeth despite my negligent attitude towards taking him to the tiny teeth program. (I mean, those teeth are going to fall out anyways, right?? I kid. Maybe. hehe.) I was so proud of him, he did fantastic, he was totally excited to open his mouth for them and everything, it was so cute. I used the Hand Stamped Alpha again for the date, and !PaulMaul font for the title. (And yes, it has an exclamation in front of the name, that's not a typo!) The "dentist" word is the included alpha from the kit. (There are two alpha's included!!) And here is Rayna again, chewing on the baby swing at the park, I swear she's part dog, she is chewing on EVERYTHING!! So gross, but I had to take a picture because she looked so funny. I love those sparkles!! And the clouds, and I love the colors of this layout. I used the other alpha from the kit on this one.
So run on over to the Scrap that Idea store to grab this kit, there are a lot of elements that I didn't use, I don't know if I gave you a very good idea of all you can do with this kit. But it's great!! Happy Scrapping, and make sure you check out Stacey's blog, she may have an add on freebie for you!

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