Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ok, so here it is, the big one, the one I've been waiting for....Sara's new kit, Twilight. I ♥ this kit! I loved playing with it, loved the papers, the elements, the alpha's (yes, there are two!), I loved all of it! Did you notice my new blog design? I used this kit to do it. I had so many Twilight photos I wanted to use, I just kept doing layouts! Wanna see? You know you wanna... This first one is with the "Family Portrait". Anyone know where this photo originated? I first saw it on,/ which is just a fun site for wasting time putting your face on Pamela Anderson's' body. This was one of the scenes you could put your faces into, so I searched on flickr, and found it, but have no idea if it was from a photo shoot for a magazine or what the heck. Doesn't really matter anyways, I'm just curious. I love it though. I am extremely curious too if that is the actual girl that will play Renesmee? I have to admit I got the idea for this layout from a photo of Twilight I saw somewhere (and I don't remember where) but Edward was sort of erased from the photo. Since New Moon is right around the corner, I decided to do this layout. (Anyone else as excited as I am for the movie to come out?) I seriously don't want to see the movie with a bunch of 13 year olds though. Bad enough watching Twilight and during the kiss scene they were all squealing, it was so annoying. I don't remember ever being like that as a teenage girl, but maybe I was and just didn't realize! The font I used was Be Safe.This is quite possibly my favorite layout, I just love that red paper, it really brings out her eyes lol. The feathers were perfect, and I love those ribbons too! Also, it's nice that the alpha is included in metal and in white, great for different layouts.Ooooh, and who could forget the Volturi?? I realized after I did this one that I forgot the blond one (not sure which characters play who, and I didn't care enough to go looking hehe). I know the bottom two are Jane and Alec, and the top one is Aro, but is cloaked guy Caius, or Marcus? Very sinister. AUGH! 39 more days til New Moon. And here is the whole kit! It really is great, and I know the other girls on the CT did layouts that didn't have anything to do with Twilight, so this kit is very versatile as well. And of course, the kits are on sale for the first 48 hours for only $3, so go grab this kit (click on the preview to be directed to the store)!! Sara also has a freebie add-on on her blog, so go check it out!

Happy scrapping! (Oh, and on a side note, the fantabulous Nancy made me another blinkie, and she made it to match my blog design!! Isn't it great??? I absolutely love it, so thanks again Nancy!!)


Gina said...

the layout looks awesome!!! and you did a great job with the twilight kit : )

Stacey Towers said...

Ohhhh my goodness girl!! You are not obsessed or anything are ya? LOL!!! LOVE your LO's!

Des said...

okay, you're just the person i need to talk to! I'm just finishing New Moon again and I just have to tell someone that I love Jacob. I think Bella is still a twerp and although edward is lovely and all, I just feel horrible for Jacob. She should have stayed with him. That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it. And I must say I've never been hard core Team Jacob or Team Edward. I always loved Edward but wow, this time around.....i think bella really jerked Jacob around and she could have been very happy with him. I still can't buy the whole jacob/reneesme thing. :) If I was into digital scrapbooking, i'm sure I would need a few of these. You're very talented!!!!!

Nancy said...

Your blog looks great!!! And you are very welcome for your blinkie!!! Your LO are speechless!!!

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!