Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hooky Happiness

Have I told you what my most recent obsession is? Have you heard of David's Tea? It's a new tea store that opened in the mall, crazy flavored teas with chocolate and jelly beans in them, they have so many to choose from! Sometimes when my in-laws come to visit I'll make us tea, but I didn't have a teapot so it was a pain steeping three different cups of tea in individual cups with three different steeper baskets so I bought a teapot set last time I was there. Then I got to thinking that maybe I needed a tea cozy to keep the tea I googled and googled and Etsy'd and Ravelry'd and found a photo on pinterest (see it here) that inspired me to make this version (keep in mind that these were taken on my iPhone at night so quality is a little off):

I will have you know that I made this completely without a pattern (i never make anything without a pattern ir instructions at least). I'm pretty proud of myself although I do have to admit I may make another one that is maybe not so busy? Then I thought maybe a little hot pad to go under the teapot would be a good idea too, so I made this one from a tutorial I found here. I love the colors and my teapot and cups are a light lime green so I think it looks very fresh and springy and it just makes me happy.

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