Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do blog posts really need a title? I can't think of one for this post and they all are about scrap booking usually with little eensy weensy life tidbits thrown in for good measure. I'm sooo tired! We did Chase's 5th birthday party this weekend, it was crazy but fun, and Chase loved it. We had a face painter come to the house and this woman has some serious talent! I'll post pictures later, there is one featured on my layout below, which leads nicely into the newest kits for this week; here is the layout I did with Stacey's new kit, which shows off Chase painted up as Spiderman at his party on the weekend (template by Janet Phillips):Here is the kit preview, it's called Snips and Snails:She has some word art and QP's available as well as an extra alpha bundled up for only $5!Sara has some awesome templates in the store, I had a chance to play with them today, here is the preview:And here is my layout, with my kids. I had a really good weekend with them and am sooo proud of the people they are becoming! My journalling was short and sweet, but reading it I'm sure you could take it the wrong way, it sounds like I just love myself, but what I meant was that when I look at them (some days!) I see a little bit of myself, and it feels great to be proud of them, and know that they are mine. ♥
I used one of Sara's older kits, called Happiness (which is no longer in the store, but maybe if you beg and plead she would re-release it?! It may have even only been a freebie on her blog and maybe was never in the store, I don't remember anymore!):So there you have it. This week may be really sucky for me, I really want to sleep! Chase had his friend Paige sleep over last night and they were up until past midnight! Little buggers kept talking..., it was so cute though, as they're laying on the bed in front of the tv watching Shrek 3, Chase turns to me and says, "Mom, I really like her" and I told him I did too. She's such a great friend for him and they play really well together. Then they were up at 7am, so Chase was really a treat today LOL. Then he had another birthday party today at 1pm, so I ran out and got a gift after Paige's mom picked her up, came home, grabbed Chase and went to the party, and when we got home, he was so miserable that we laid down and had a little nap. I'm hoping they're good tomorrow morning when I get them up, and I have to get to sleep so I'm not a crabby hag tomorrow! Working and getting up all week is going to suck, and I already can't wait until Saturday! So have yourselves a great week, then scrap it!! LOL :)

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