Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lil Update and New Stuffs!

Wow, I have been so crazy busy this last week! I forgot how little time you actually have when you're working full time. Plus, we're getting a new system at work, so all the stuff I've been trying to cram into my already too full brain is going out the window and we're going to be doing things completely different! Tomorrow is going to be interesting that's for sure! It was also my mom's 59th birthday on Friday, so we went and visited and had cake. (which also means another evening/scrapping time gone!) Then I had to work today to get all the invoicing done from over the weekend so we don't carry any February invoicing into the new system which is going live tomorrow. Scary stuff! (Which also equals another day/scrapping time gone!) I still had a little laundry to do and thankfully my hubby took care of supper (it's always wieners and oven fries or macaroni when he looks after supper, but hey, I didn't have to do it!) and then he took care of the dishes too. I've been a little bit of a slacker in my CT duties this week and was on the verge of being behind! {gasp!} But alas, I've managed to hang in there, and I just want to share some of the new kits that are out this week! First up is Le Chateau Des Delices by Ptitesouris. She also has some quick pages available for this kit so make sure to check those out!
My layout, which was what I consider my very first true extraction layout:I thought it turned out pretty cute! Rayna climbing the ladder to the little pink castle in the sky...hehe. Next up is the awesome March collab kit from the Scrap That Idea girls, Live for Today:

The colors are just great, and there is a wicked assortment of papers and elements from all four ladies! My layout: (**template by Cindy Schneider from the One Love Collab for Haiti):

Then Stacey came up with this great kit, O is for Over the Rainbow, the elements are so unique in this kit there are so many options! She also has a brag book with this kit, so if you need a quick album make sure to check that out as well!My layout: (**template by iscrap from the new beginnings collab) I love it, and it's not very often that I do a layout on white paper!

Then there is this bright kit called Spice of Life by Vicki, her color combinations are always so awesome! She has a blog to go from this kit as well.

My layout: (**template by Janet Phillips)

And last but not least Sara has this great new boys kit out called Superstar, which would be fantastic for girl or boy layouts, or anything in between!I absolutely love this kit, the colors and elements and everything are so great! Here is my layout: (**template by cathja)I snapped these photos of Chase and I specifically to scrap with this kit! I also used a torn photo effect by LivEdesigns. I just love how my layout turned out. I so often scrap Rayna as I take more photos of her just due to her age and all the things she is starting to do, where as with Chase it seems to have levelled off a little bit! So that is it for now, I need to go make my kids breakfasts for tomorrow morning, finish off the laundry, let the dog in and feed her and then get to bed as I need to be sharp as a tack for tomorrow as I'll be fumbling my way around in the new system at work! Thanks for hanging out, and make sure you check out the designers blogs (click on their blinkies in my sidebar) as some of them probably have freebie add ons to some of these kits! And make sure to stay tuned as Cheri from Dream Big Digi has the best guys kit coming out tomorrow, it's a collab kit and let me tell you it's terrific! I had so much fun playing with it and haven't even come close to using all the elements I wanted to try out! Have a great week and I'll be yapping at you soon enough!

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Maurine Stettler said...

Great layouts, as always. : )

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!