Monday, February 15, 2010

Melodie D'Amour

Wow, no posts for a long time and now three in a row! I'm seriously barely keeping up. I thought with the long weekend that I would have so much time to plant myself in front of the computer, but I still have to clean the bathroom, the kitchen, make lunches for the kids and do my own laundry, as well as putting theirs away so everything is organized for the week! So I suppose my computer time will be short lived tonight, going to go post some layouts to the galleries, download any new kits I need to work on and then log off so I can get my other stuff done! Hopefully I'm able to sneak an hour here and there during the evenings this week! I also need to let you know about another kit that Ptitesouris has out today, it's on sale for $1.00Euro, which is super cheap! It's like 70% off! It's part of the monthly 1Euro sale they have at DigitalCrea. The kit is called Melodie D'Amour, and it's fabulous! I am just loving all her kits. She is so talented! Here is the preview:And my layout:

**Template by Scrapping With Liz, font is P22 Cezanne

I seriously don't know what is going on with my text in PS. It looks normal on my screen, but then I notice after I save it that something doesn't look right. The last time, it was all choppy and barley legible, and this time it's fat and looks like I bolded it, but I didn't. It did not look like that on my screen! Maybe I need to rasterize my text before saving as a jpeg. I dunno. Anyways, I love the flowers and greenery in this kit, so pretty! This template was a freebie from Scrapping With Liz, so make sure you check her blog out, she has freebies quite regularly. Anyhoo, I better go get some of my other crap done tonight, have a great week! (Although I'll probably be posting again before too long now that things are back to normal all around!) Also, happy family day to all those Canadians out there!!! It was so nice to have a three day weekend, although it still seems like it wasn't long enough!

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