Friday, November 13, 2009

Girly Birthday Party

Hey guys! Kathy has a brand new kit out (yes it's been a little while, but is so worth the wait!) It's called Girly Birthday Party, here are the previews:I think she may even have a special on that might get you the alpha for free! This was such a great kit, the colors were perfect for birthday stuff! This first layout is of some photos of Rayna's first birthday (there are lots more where these ones came from!) I'm really bad at sharing regular photos, so I kind of like that I can show my layouts, and everyone can see my pictures at the same time! This is the first birthday kit that I scrapped with, and my first actual birthday photo layouts, and I loved the kit! So many cute elements, and lots of them were non-themed, so you could do everyday layouts with this kit as well!And even though the kit is called "Girly" Birthday, I used it to scrap Chase's birthday photos as well! He had a Spongebob party (and yes I made his cake as well as Rayna's!) I got the idea from this photo, and used chiclets for the teeth, and licorice around his belt. I even found these little tubular candy coated licorice candies, and I used a little yellow one for his nose. I had to buy the whole bag to use that one, but I tossed the rest in the kids goodie bags. They tasted like crap, so I'm glad I gave them away!! lol. Poor little kidlets will think twice about coming to our birthday parties again!! hehe. I also used the coordinating Lil Thoughts on this layout.Oh, and make sure you check Kathy's blog, there may be some QP's lurking somewhere that Kristin put together for you! And does anyone else remember this?: Today being Friday the 13th made me think of it, as I remember watching it a long, long, long time ago! If you don't (sigh, then it was before your time) and you can check out the trailer, well, you can check it out even if you do remember it:

And now I'm rambling, so I'm going to go! So very tired tonight. Have a great Friday the 13th! And an even better Saturday the 14th!


Marif said...

Nice layouts and nice cakes!

Kathy's fun!
Do you hang around Scrapable too. I used to be a Hula Girl there, and I still participate in some challenges and stuff...

Sunshine said...

Yeah nice cakes! Saturday the 14th- those were the days hey! Sad part is I still remember that movie and it does come to my mind also every time we have a friday the 13th! I remember a lot of the parts from the movie too- love the lizard-alien- my favorite. Great layouts- absolutely love the birthday kit and pages. The colors coordinate well with just about any birthday theme!

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!