Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Feast, and I saw New Moon!

Hello everyone! Just a short post tonight, I really needed to pop on and let you know about this fabulous kit that Maurine has out this week, called Family Feast, and it's great!! The elements are so cute! Check out the preview:It really can be used for any kind of layout, and since I'm in Canada and our thanksgiving was last month, my layouts are not themed!! The first is my niece and nephew, and my dad at his birthday party the other night. I am such a scrapper through and through that my only thought was that this was a total photo op!! I used a template by A Scrap Away for this layout, as well as Thanksgiving word art by Kathy Winters (preview is below my layout).And for this one, I used a freebie template by Krystal Hartley, which I've actually used before. I just really like this template! In my regular life news this week, I've cracked open one of my quilt kits to try and get one of my sewing projects done. I started cutting the material last week, and haven't finished. Every time I go down to start Chase wants me to help him build a train track, and it all goes downhill from there!! I also busted out my Boney M cd and dusted off my Christmas decorations. Last year I didn't even get any of it out, so this year I'm ahead of the game! Chase helped me put up all the window clings, and tomorrow while the girls nap, we'll slowly get some more of it out. And, I have to tell you I went to see New Moon today!! It was almost anti-climactic for me though, as I felt like I'd seen most of it in the previews. It was nice to have it in sequence though, so it made more sense. You can definitely tell there was a budget difference between this one and Twilight though. Overall, it was a good movie, I enjoyed watching it and would definitely go watch it again. There were several action sequences that were added, and the Volturi weren't as old and leathery/papery like they were described, but it was good. It sure moved a lot faster than the book, and I thought the editing made it feel a little choppy at times, as it seemed like some of the scenes felt like they assumed you read the book to understand how they got from one point to the next. 4 stars!! lol. That's all that's happening in my corner of the world. I have more personal work stories to share at some point, but it's on going right now, so you'll just have to hang in there. I know, I know, you're hanging on my every word and can't wait, but you'll just have to!! Oh, and was anyone else PO'd that the Vampire Diaries was a repeat?? I mean, I know it's Thanksgiving in the States, but c'mon! Ok, that's it, thanks for reading my drivel as always, g'night!

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