Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Play Dough and Quick Pages

Well, I suppose the title says it all, and is a good example of how varied my interests are! First off, I am so excited about this layout:
The journaling font I used was from Fonts for Peas (Pea Natalie) and the alpha title was from Creative Memories.

I used the "Grandma's Farm" kit from Maureen's blog, which is totally free and fantastically cute! Here is a preview of the whole kit:
And I made a Quick Page out of my layout, after removing my title, journaling and photos! You can snag this for free on her blog as well, so go check it out!
Also, I don't know if I've ever posted this recipe for play dough on my blog before, but it is seriously the best home made play dough ever. It's super soft, smells pleasant thanks to the Kool Aid, and cleans up easily. Simple enough to make that Chase can help me, and he loves playing with it.Word to the wise, don't use the gay little tupperware measuring cup that I bought with the kids little tupperware baking bundle. I ended up adding about 1/4 c more flour this time, and I think it was because of that little cup! It was very sticky this time around, and that's a first, as usually it mixes up perfect for me. So first off, put your 1c flour, 1pkg Kool Aid (any flavour although we used color changing cherry), 1tbsp cream of tartar, and 1/4c salt in a bowl, mix thoroughly. (At this point I had everything in the bowl except for the water and realized I could be blogging this! So pretend you don't see the oil already swimming in the bowl, and pretend also that I actually stirred my dry ingredients before adding the liquids hehe).

Add 1tbsp vegetable oil, then add 1c boiling water.

Mix well until it starts to firm up and form a ball. I usually work it up in my hands until it cools off enough for Chase to play with and the color streaks from the Kool Aid are worked in really well. Wrap in cellophane to store or in an air tight container. In the fridge it should store for at least a month. (The recipe says a few months, but I found that after a month it starts to get gunky.)I love this recipe for so many reasons! It makes a small enough batch that I'm using small portions of all the ingredients, so it's cost effective to make. You can make almost any color you want. You could even add glitter and make red and green for the holidays or make orange for Halloween. So many options. And it makes such a smooth dough, it works up easier than the real "Play Dough"

And best of all Chase loves it and it keeps him busy for hours. He had bits of it stuck to his jammies today, and all over the floor, but it was worth it! Give him some cookie cutters and he's a happy camper. For the printable version of the recipe click on the link above.

So that's it for today! Thanks for reading and have a great day!!!

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Maurine Stettler said...

Great job on this -- thanks again for making and sharing it!

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!