Friday, July 24, 2009

Exciting things...maybe

So I wanted to share a recipe with you, I was recently introduced to it. We were at a family bbq for fathers day, and our in-laws had invited long time friends of theirs whom I had never met, and Marilyn brought this fantastic salad, I absolutely loved it. It has a wonderful flavour and the texture is what totally gets me, it's chewy but crunchy, and the strange combination is just so terrific. So I made up a little recipe for you, and DES helped me along to find a link on how to host documents to make them download-able. The link she directed me to is HERE.

So this is my recipe, it's for Mandarin Barley Salad, and I absolutely love it. It will not last more than two days in my house (and not because my husband is gobbling it up!) And thanks to Des helping me with the link, I can create fancy-schmancy recipe cards (using Kristin Aagard's "Lil Bakery" kit) and you can download a copy HERE. (When the large image comes up just right click on it and select "save image as" to save the image.) If you want, no pressure hehe.

See? Wasn't that nice? I just love it when I'm able to make technology work for me. SO big thanks to Des for leading me to that link, it was exactly what I was looking for! And to anyone and everyone that downloads the recipe, enjoy! And if you make it, I would love to hear how you liked it!

Ok, so this wasn't exactly the download feature I had hoped for, but it's close, and I'm working on it. Unfortunately when you download save the photo, it is much smaller in size than the original that I posted, so I think it would print out crappy :(

I'll keep researching and try again!


Des said...

I love this recipe!!! I'm way into barley. go figure! I'm wondering if you don't save the recipe for download but just print directly from the screen??? would it stay bigger?? My computer isn't hooked up to a printer right now, so I can't test. But it looks great and yes, just keep testing it out. It seems ten times easier than what I do with the pdf's.

thanks for sharing!

Alicia said...

I am a little Twilight nuts too! Love your profile pic hehe

DeliciousScraps said...


I am just responding to your question about downloads being instantaneous - I have hosting with godaddy that I pay monthly for (prices vary from 6 to 20/mnth I think.

You have a lovely blog, btw :)

Have a great weekend,


Alicia said...

LOL Yes it seems we do have a lot in common. I follow Pocket Edward on Facebook :P


this sounds good, i love to use different grains.

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!