Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ok, I have kits from the last few weeks to show you, I really have been sucking at my CT blogging! So I'll get right to it and here they are, starting off with Mel's kit, Life's Great:I used a freebie template for this layout, but I can't tell by the name of the file who I got it from, so if you recognize it, I'm sorry for not being able to give you proper credit!Sara had a new kit a little while ago (I'm ashamed to say how long!) called Dreamweaver:I used template by tinytoesdesigns and photo frame by Amy Martin for this one.This colorful one is called Just for Kids, from Stacey:She also has a bundle with word art and clusters available:Template by Megan Turnidge (I love that photo of Rayna in the middle, she looks so crazy!).Stacey also released Always Remember (this gives you some clue as to how far back I am in posting my blog, as each designer has almost two kits I need to post!):Template by Janet Phillips as well as photos from the internet: This one is from Vicki, it is one of my favorites, called Doodle Happy:
This one I used a freebie template from Flergs and I love how my layout turned out! It really looks to me like Rayna is saying "stick 'em up!" Vicki's other kit I need to tell you about is called My Guy:
Template by Crystal Livesay: This one is a freebie kit that Vicki did for the World Cup challenge, called Sunshine, she may add it to her store at some time:
This one I did template free (just that in itself seems to be a challenge to me lately!). So I think that's finally it until next week! I have been toying with the idea of reducing my CT duties, and I hope to get back to more regular blogging as well as some more crafting and such. I've been really neglecting other areas of my life as I spend all my spare time scrapping! Thanks for checking out my layouts, and my blog, ttfn!

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