Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tip Junkie

I was featured again!! Yaay! So stupidly happy about little things like this. Check it out by clicking the "I was featured button" or click the name to take you to Tip Junkie's Blog. It was again for the water bottle cover I made a few days back. And I also wanted to share this with you... this is the epitome of what my summer will look like. (After 9:00pm and the children are sleeping soundly in their beds of course lol).

Also, I had time today to play in photoshop, and took this picture of my adorable niece, we'll call her "E". She was playing with sidewalk chalk with my kids (as mother nature finally decided to bestow a little sunshine on us), and had a little bit of chalk on her nose. She was also running around with her sunglasses and her crown on (albeit a little crooked). She's such a princess. So for the first photo I used a free action called The Big Picture, and it splits up the photo into cool little squares, like so. It is a really cool effect, although I didn't like the way it split up her eye and her nose, so I think this would be better for landscapes and such. Still...neato mosquito!

Then I re-opened the photo and played with it some more, and I liked this effect too. I added a couple overlays and some texture, played with settings that I know nothing about, and this was the result. I am seriously going to have to learn how to use this program...for real.

So tomorrow I will be cleaning house, as we are having a little bit of family over in the evening for my birthday, which is on Saturday, and then on Saturday I'll be scrapbooking for National Scrapbook Day (which I actually thought was last week as I scrapped last weekend too hehe). I started dabbling in making my own word art and I really like it! So much fun, but for the moment I really need to organize my photos and get some layouts done. My project 365 stalled out at week 4, even though I'm still trying to take pictures every day. I'd really like to get that all caught up. So many projects and so little time!

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