Monday, April 6, 2009

And Finally

Wow! Today was a great day, Chase and Rayna and I went out to my mom's to decorate Easter eggs and it was a ton of fun! Chase did awesome, and I'll post pictures later this week. I also decided to make one of the projects that I had bookmarked, for a quick (or not so quick if you're stunted like me) and easy dry erase board. I needed a board to list my daily "to-do's" and decided if it was going to have chores on it, then it should be pretty as well as functional. I also have a similar project to do with a cork board, but that will be another day. I found this idea on the Make it and Love it Blog, (you can also click her button on the sidebar to be taken to her blog), who in turn originally found it HERE.
So I started off with a plain old 8 x 10 frame, it was actually a "pop-in" frame, so you just pop the glass out from the back, put your photo, or fabric inside and then re pop the glass in. Pretty simple. Very basic. Neat.
Then I chose 4 charm squares to cover the space.
Decided I wanted to piece it instead, so started chopping up fabric. I took a 5" charm square (these are from Moda's Soiree), and I cut a 1 1/2" strip from either side, which left a larger chunk in the middle.
I then realized once I started laying it out that I had grossly underestimated my material needed for the project and added three more squares.
I then sewed them in a helter skelter pattern, whichever way suited my fancy, and pressed all the seams flat. I added a zig-zag stitch over some random seams and added a strip of ric rac across the main seam in the middle. I then squared it up (kind of).
I laid it flat on the table and placed the picture backing on top. I hot glued it around the edges, trimming the excess at the corners, and popped it back into the frame.
(In hind sight (which is always 20/20) I realize I should have maybe taken more time to make sure it was straight before I hot glued it. Once I popped it in the frame I realized I had glued it on a little off kilter. Whoops. That is going to annoy me to no end, you have no idea. Also, I noticed after I sewed the ric rac on and did the zig-zag that I got some material bubbling around the center seam, which is also very annoying. These are my own personal demons and I will deal with them in their own time lol. For now I consider it a project finished! I love the colors and at some point I will probably take it out and rip it apart and straighten it. For now it can look like I meant for it to be that way, a true Rosie original.
Then I celebrated with one of these:
I also found a use for my baby food jars, as I have been saving them and wanting to find some handy craft to use them again. I thought about modge-podging some fabric onto them and making them into trinket jars or something but I haven't figured anything else out yet, but I had all my quilting pins in the little plastic bubble they came in, loose in my sewing drawer, and they fit perfectly in my little jar! Don't ya just love recycling??
So that's it, I got a craft done, recycled a bit and had a fantastic day. Hope your week started as good as mine! Tomorrow I have to take Rayna in for her shots so I imagine the next couple days won't go so great for me as she was terribly cranky after her last ones. Have a great week and stay tuned for our Easter egg fun!


Des said...

ROSE! super cute! In fact, ROCKtastic! I, too, have found delicious, and it's changing my life, one favorite at a time. Must go delicious this idea!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Very cute! Great job!

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!