Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ok, so what I meant was Catch - up. Tee hee. I promised you some Easter egg decorating pictures so I figured I better get on it, plus one of my "followers" (there has to be a better word for that) gets antsy if I don't post every other day. Must have nothing better to do hey sunshine? bahaha. But before I post those, check this one out!! Proof that spring has really sprung in my lil corner of the world. {huge smile}. This is a rhubarb plant that I planted last fall in the flower bed my husband built for me late in the season. I can't wait for it to be huge and productive! This is what my yard looked like two weeks ago...

So it's nice that it is all gone (there are a couple ice chunks that refuse to dissipate due to the sun not hitting them directly) and I can't wait for everything else to start turning green! I love the re-birth of everything in spring.
Also on another note, my headstone for my cat came in the mail last week, and I just picked it up the other day.
I purchased it from the site Always Remembered and will place it when we go bury Bud at my mom and dad's acreage later in the season. I think it turned out wonderful and the pricing was very reasonable for a pet memorial.
Ok, so this year we did a traditional egg-dipping decorating kit rather than the sponge ones or painting ones or just stickers. Chase did really well with it and we had lots of fun at Grandma's house decorating!
Chase got to do most of the eggs himself.

Then my mom came up with a neat idea to wrap elastics around the eggs to create stripes and patterns.
So we did. This is how they turned out.

I think they look neat with all the solid colored ones!
My mom also had some fun stickers to add to them after they were dry. I like these guys!

So I hope your Easter was as good as ours. The day itself was pretty relaxing, we went for brunch with my in-laws and took the kids to the park and had a big afternoon family nap. It was a nice day with family. This is a shot of the Easter lily my father in law bought for me.
And I also told you all that I had made a table runner for spring or Easter. I love the colors. The charm pack was Soiree by Moda and the pattern is called Stacked Coins, (which I originally purchased from Quilt Taffy I think, but is no longer listed there {eyebrows raised in surprise!} unless I am mistaken and picked it up elsewhere, but I've purchased a few of these charm pack patterns through them). It worked up pretty easy but I did have trouble with my rows lining up at the end, and ended up trimming it to square it up, (because I was too lazy to rip it all out) and it didn't really help because it just made the rows look crooked because of the way I trimmed it. It's not awful though and I can live with it lol. This is the second sewing project that hasn't turned out the way I wanted, I hope I'm not sensing a pattern here! Also, the edges of the table runner are a bit wavy, and I'm not sure what causes that?! If it wasn't for myself I don't know if I could give it away the way it is, but since it's only sitting on my own table and Chase will probably spill God knows what on it, it'll do. Like I said, I love the colors and overall I like the way it looks. The backing, binding and sashing material I picked up at the local fabric store.
And last but not least, here are a couple pics of my lil cutie pie children. Rayna hanging out in her bumbo chair and Chase riding his bike on the deck, he's really been enjoying the sunshine. We are so ready for this weather! I've taken the kids to the park a few times this week, maybe I can post some of the pictures later this week, since I've covered so much in this post!

So have a great week! I have a couple small projects I'd really like to do right away, so maybe I'll have some creative stuff to share as well. TTFN!

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Anonymous said...

I don't get antsy- I just thoroughly enjoy your blog... tee hee hee...

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!