Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, today was a fantastic day, got lots of spring cleaning done today. My hubby was home so I sprang out of bed (after my hubby got up, showered, blared the "clean the house" music and ripped the covers off my exhausted, sleeping body) and put away Rayna's basket of clean laundry so I could put the dirty laundry that had been residing on the floor into the basket. Then I took Chase's laundry downstairs to wash it. We tidied up the kids room getting everything off the floor so daddy could sweep and mop. Chase and I went downstairs to tidy up and get everything off the floor down there. I was on a roll and wasn't sure if I should stop to object in motion tends to stay in motion and all that.

So I showered, and then we cleaned out the front closet of all the jackets we no longer wear, all the bunting bags that Rayna won't fit anymore and won't use since summer is around the corner (huge screaming YAAAAY!) and had Chase try on several pairs of shoes from last summer to see if any still fit. (None do.) Chase now needs new runners and rubber boots. Thinking the Easter bunny might have rubber boots.

Tidied up the kitchen after lunch, emptied the paper and cardboard recycle bin. Counted out the cans in the other recycle bin, took down all the window clings (from Christmas, yes, that's right, Christmas) all the while fighting with Chase to slow down as he was sticking them all together in a pile and I couldn't keep up to stick them back on their original sheets for storage. Ended up throwing a bunch away as they seemed to have lost their "stick" even after windexing them a bit. Cleaned all the windows in the house on the main level, and the doors inside and out.

Dumped Rayna in her saucer outside with daddy and Chase so I could crab walk around under our crawl space and put away remaining Christmas decorations, and clean off the computer desk (the only task that DIDN'T get done today, but will get done tomorrow morning) and clean the bathroom and finish tidying the kitchen. Washed down the china cabinet and the microwave shelf (all the way underneath to the back. Can you say dust bunny? No, not Easter bunny, DUST bunny.) Dusted my picture frames and minor spots I missed yesterday.

Made supper, washed children, put children to bed. Downloaded audio versions of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn so I have some more listening to do while cleaning or cooking tomorrow. Scrubbed evidence of my children off the walls. (read : grubby hand prints, scuff marks and dings.) Called a friend whose dog got run over to make sure she's ok. (She is, but I know what it's like to lose a pet after putting Bud down.)

Scrubbed mushroom soup from lunch off the table and cleaned it so I could take pictures of my new table runner (which I'm not posting tonight as it's already late and I should get to bed, so I can "spring" out of bed tomorrow.)

So that's about it. I got a lot accomplished today and my house is ready for our dinner with our parents tomorrow night. Kind of the main reason for cleaning but it all needed to be done anyways. My house has been in some state of disgusting for quite some time now. Probably since early October, since I had Rayna really.

So I'll have some pictures to post in the next few days, been taking lots of my kids in between all this cleaning! Pfew! This is SO not like me. Anyhoo, hope you all have a Happy Easter if I don't post before then! And if I do post again, well, I'll still wish you a Happy Easter lol. TTFN.


Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Looks like you got a ton done! I can't wait to see the table runner!

Corrie said...

You rock! What's your cleaning music?

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!