Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, to all my Canadian friends anyways! Today is thanksgiving day here, so I enjoyed a day off work. We had dinner at my in-laws on Saturday night, dinner at my parents last night, and tacos tonight here at home!! LOL. The weekend went by in a blur, but we did some great visiting with family and the kids had a blast playing games and hanging out with their cousins. I smashed my fingernail Saturday night and it's turned a lovely shade of violet at the tip, and still hurts! It bent back and it was agonizing. Blair had no sympathy. I also sold my 30gallon fish tank over the weekend, so I cleaned it for the last time today and my cousin came and picked it up. Chase was a little distraught that I was giving away "his best friends" so I told him we could get goldfish instead, a little easier to maintain, and I got myself a Siamese fighting fish for my office at the same time. Then I decided I better get to my CT duties and get these two layouts done for Mel's newest kits, first up is Wanderlust, a collab kit with Vicki:
My layout (no template!!)Mel's second kit is a grab bag, with lots of cute lil goodies, only available for October! November the grab bat will be split up and the pieces sold separately. Check out the Mystery Bag:
My layout, template by Angie Kovacs: Well I suppose that's it. Back to work tomorrow, blahhhh. I usually hate Mondays, but now I hate Tuesday's disguised as Mondays. Hope all my Canadian friends had a great Thanksgiving! I asked Chase what he was thankful for today and at first he said "nothing" but then as I explained what Thanksgiving was all about, he said he was thankful for our kitty, his playhouse, and his Daddy. He added Rayna and I after lol. Too cute. Have a good week!

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