Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our new kitty

Well, we recently got a new kitty. I hadn't planned on getting one. I really didn't. Chase has a little girl friend (she's the daughter of a friend of mine that I went to school with) and he went for a sleep over at Paige's house. Lo and behold, their cat had just had kittens a few weeks prior. Five little mewling cute little balls of fur came purring and snuggling and tumbling over. I thought about getting one. After all, Bud has been gone over a year now. I didn't know if we were ready or not. If I was ready or not. If my house was ready or not. Did I want to scoop a litter box again, and try to keep the cat from climbing the curtains, clawing the stairs, and eating my plants? (Something Bud used to do quite regularly, usually right before he barfed it all up-always on the carpet, never on the lino!). And so I had a moment of weakness, and said yes, we would take one home in a few weeks. A few weeks went by, and it was time to pick up the kitty. I had chosen one that was a girl. She was very pretty, dark brown tips on her ears, nose, feet and tail. I went and picked her up, brought her home, and the kids were enthralled with her for the whole weekend. Chase slept with her on the couch most of Saturday, and Rayna just loved picking her up and packing her around. We named her Beans, as she's the color of coffee and cream, and I love coffee! Then on Sunday, Beans was laying on the couch beside me, butt pointed at me, and I kind of thought she looked a little like a he. Turns out our sweet little girl kitten was actually a sweet little boy kitten. My friend asked me if I wanted to switch him out with another one the same coloring, but we're attached already, he really is the sweetest kitten, is awesome with the kids, tolerates them and all their abuses. He loves to play with our dog Keiko, and I was a little worried about that. I've busted him clawing the stairs, so I've had to re-direct him to his climbing house/scratching post. I also busted him climbing my curtains once or twice as well. I realized though, that as with Bud, even with all the bad behaviour, it's worth it. I've so missed having a cat around the house. So of course, I had to do a scrapbook layout about him, and Vicki is having a challenge, so here is the layout I did of our new kitty Beans, he was having a snooze on top of his climbing house, which I thought was pretty quirky and cute: I used a template by Fizzy Pop Designs and Vicki's kit Pompey Blues which is in the store for only $1.00!
If you're interested in entering the challenge, please check out this blog post, and get registered. The first challenge is already closed, but I'm sure you could start playing in challenge two! Have fun if you enter, can't wait to see your layouts! Have a great week :)

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Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

He is ssssooo cute!!!

A squirt gun with water and vinegar will help keep him off the curtains. If you do not mind the living room smelling like pickles. ~grins~

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!