Monday, August 30, 2010

Bah. I've been feeling a little off lately. I don't know what I'm lacking but sometimes I feel like something is missing. Wonderful husband, check. Two smart, fun, energetic kids, check. A home of our home, pets, a well paying job, check check and double check. I don't know what it is that I'm feeling but I suppose some days I feel dissatisfied. I feel like I'm searching for something but don't know what. Such a strange feeling. Chase starts kindergarten this Thursday, and that is something that is totally weird too. My baby is going to school! Rayna will still go to the dayhome on her own on the two days Chase will be going to school. I have to pack him a lunch! And for the first time ever had to go buy school supplies. Rayna is turning two in a couple weeks as well, so I have a little party to plan. She has recently discovered and fallen totally in love with Dora, so I think her party theme has been chosen and I didn't have to do it! Work has been going ok, Rhonda, the lady that trained me and has worked with me closely for the last 6 months just quit, her last day was Friday, her family is being relocated to the States for work. I'll miss her a lot as she was a tonne of fun to work with and kept things flowing. I'm feeling a little like I'm all on my own there as I don't really have a supervisor to go to when I have questions, so while I have a lot of freedom it gets wearing sometimes too, only relying on myself to do things properly and take responsibility. Tomorrow night my hubby and I are taking a night to go out for dinner and a movie, and I think I could really use it. I want to reconnect with him too, and I guess maybe that's what I've been feeling lately, is disconnected. I'm going through the motions but am not feeling anything about any of it. What's wrong with me???! Bah. Here is a little song by Natasha Bedingfield that sounds like how I feel lately:
Anyhoo, here are the new kits for this week, first up is Sara's kit Night Garden, I love this kit and think it's one of her best to date:

Here is my first layout, I used a template from Biograffiti, and love the simple clean style of these templates.This one was a little more clustered, I wanted to use everything in the kit!! Template by Crystal Livesay.And Mel has this coffee themed kit out this week called Good Morning:This template is again by Biograffiti, I just love the whole set! And anyone that knows me knows how much I love my Tim Hortons coffee, so this kit was made for me! I know this is a Canadian thing, but all you Americans don't know what you're missing! LOLThat's it for this week. I'm really looking forward to our dinner and a movie tomorrow night, we're going to The Keg for dinner (we have a gift card) and probably to The Expendables. I'd really rather see Vampires Suck, but Blair doesn't want to go see it :(

Here is a little preview clip of The Expendables if you haven't heard of it:

Have a good week everyone ♥

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