Saturday, December 5, 2009

I is for I Love You, Vintage Chic

Hey guys! The gals at STI have some new kits!! And they are great! Stacey put out this one, and I just love the color scheme, and the layouts I came up with! (I especially love it when that happens!) I find a lot of the time I might love the kit, but when it comes time to put together a layout, I end up not so happy with it. Not the case with this kit!This photo is my hubs and I on our anniversary, in 2002. I love this layout! The birdies, the blues and pinks and browns, the pattern, the word nice. I added the date to the swirl element, and I love that it's not super noticeable and looks like part of the element. Thanks Stacey for making such a fantastic kit!I used a freebie template by Crissy W for this layout, and the staples were actually included with the template, and not with the I is for I love you kit. This photo was another from the pre-children era of our lives, we were out hunting and a friend snapped this photo. I also used the pinhole action from Bohemian Secret actions. I used the alpha from the kit and Suzie's hand font.There is also a new challenge using a little add-on to this kit on the STI blog, go check it out!

And then the always fantabulous Vicki came out with Vintage Chic, which is exactly as the title says! Here is the preview:And here is my first layout, this is actually a scraplift of one Janet from the Daily Digi posted, and I like to save layouts I come across for inspiration. The font I used was Designer Notes
Here is Janet's layout, which was my inspiration (if you want to know more about the Daily Digi, just click on their blinkie on the sidebar).
And my second layout, this photo is of my Great Grandparents, holding a hand made cross stitch that has been handed down to my mother. It hangs in her basement right now, and it will be passed to me one day. I came across this photo when my auntie gave me a copy of all the photos in Grandma's albums after she passed, and this photo was in there. I thought it was so cool that I have a photo of them with this cross stitch! The fonts I used were P22 Cezanne for the title, and Papyrus for the journalling text. This also was a scrap lift, but I'm not sure where I came across the original layout...This is the original that inspired me to do this layout, and when I saved it, it saved as "one love Melissa" so I apologize to Melissa for not keeping track of my inpirations, but I do love your layout, and if you stumble across this post, please let me know so I can give you proper credit! As always, thanks for visiting my blog, and have a great day!

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