Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!! And a freebie!

The last few days, it has been between -35C and -52C at my house. I'm so not even kidding! See?! I think my lens even fogged up as it was so cold outside!! This was this morning. I still packed up the kids, and off to pre-school we went to drop Chase off! Unless the school is closed, we go!! That's life in Northern Alberta for ya!! lol.
Anyways, I got out this weekend to get some shopping done, so I'm pretty much all set there except for my hubby, who I hope to finish off this week. Other than that, Christmas can come if it wants to!! I've got the perogies, cabbage rolls and meat pies in the freezer, so all is well. I even had a little time today to do some crafting, I decided to make Chase this really simple polar fleece neck warmer...only it turned out to be not so simple...for me!! (And if any of my crafty friends are reading this and can tell me what the heck I'm doing wrong, please step in, as I spent two hours picking stitches out, because I keep trying different ways to sew it together! This is how it starts out, and how I would like it to look, green around the one side, and the camo on the other. So the inside is one color, and the outside is another. I wanted to make sure all the seams ended up on the inside, so I sewed the ends of the green together, and I sewed the ends of the camo together, and slipped one inside the other and sewed the tube at the top and bottom, leaving a space for turning. But...When I turned it, this is what it looked like!! A narrow tube not large enough to fit over Chase's head!! And the colors aren't where they are supposed to be either, and there is a seam right in the middle!! AURGH! I totally took these pictures thinking I was going to post a cute little tutorial on how to do this, then realized I couldn't even figure it out myself. I'm totally going to email my pal Ashley at Make it and Love it and see if she can tell me how to do this!!! Seriously, such a simple concept and I have buggered it up beyond the point of it being worth it! I just want to go buy one for $8 and say forget it! lol. Ashley, help a girl out, won't you? Look, I'm pathetic. lol.In other news, Cheri at Dream Big Designs has a freebie collab kit on her blog this week, so cyber run over there and check it out! The bright colors are so much fun.Here is my layout, you may not be able to read the journalling, but it just talks about what a sassy little girl my daughter is becoming!! Also, the girls at Scrap that Idea have a great shopping incentive, or deal, or whatever you want to call it! Check this out:
Isn't that great? You get to give and receive at the same time, what could be better than that? Not much if you ask me. Thanks for hanging out with me today, if you're in a warmer climate, please send some sunshine and warmth our way!! (It's supposed to be only -3C by Friday, isn't that crazy!!)

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Maurine Stettler said...

Holy crap -- I guess I'll quit complaining about the cold here! Good thing you're tougher than me!

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!