Thursday, January 22, 2009

Speedy Baby 2

Okay, so I know I am slacking in the creative department. I've got no gumption lately. I was crafting like a mad woman before Christmas hit and I think my creative juices must be on holiday somewhere tropical while the rest of me waits out the winter. So I found some pictures of a quick quilt I did for my son a while ago. It's called Speedy Baby 2, and you can find the free pattern on the Quilt Taffy website.

I used a charm pack of Disney and cartoon characters that I purchased on e-bay (sorry, no longer sure of the seller, but if you did a search I'm sure you could find something!)It was kind of a neat package of materials, as it contained everything from Mickey Mouse and Strawberry Shortcake to the Grinch and Buzz Lightyear. The main attraction for me was that it had a little bit of Batman and Robin in the charm pack. My son is going through a superhero phase (don't all little boys??) and was so excited that he got a blanket with them on it.

I had a hard time figuring out the layout, so I chose to go from lightest to darkest. The Transformers material for the center and the outside corners I purchased at the local fabric store, as well as the blue toned borders.

I think the original pattern is more symmetrical in the fabric colors, but what the heck. It's an original. The pattern was super easy and quick, and I enjoyed making it. Voila!! A craft for you that didn't suck any of my creativeness, which is good, since right now I have none :)
Also wanted to share a fun site with you, I uploaded a picture of myself and cartooned it (or one of the funky editing tools they have) and this was the result.
I think it looks kinda cool, but the resolution wasn't very good for saving it to my computer, I think for printing or enlarging it or anything the quality wouldn't be the greatest. It's a fun site anyways. Another site I love for playing with pictures is They also have a great variety of one (or two) click features which enable you to do all kinds of things to your photos. Playing with the same photo, I came up with this on their site.
The nice thing with the picnik site is that when you re-save the picture after making changes the resolution and quality is still good enough that you could do something with your creation afterwards. So check them out, they are way fun!


Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Those are some cool sites!

Great blanky.

I didn't trim the back of my cork boards - I just kind of folded the fabric like you do when you wrap. It wasn't bulky for me, but you can cut it - noone will see it anyway....

Mrs. D said...

That blanket is so fun! I bet the kids love it.

Ashley said...

I know this is random.......but this is Ashley from Make It and Love It. I just had to come and see who this adorable "Rose" gal was who has been posting comments on my blog. Not sure how you found me but I love that you comment. I don't know......validation or something. :o) I appreciate it though and love to hear how the readers like stuff. SO thanks! And by the way.....look at you go, making such a darling quilt. Cute!!

Rachel said...

Cute blanket!! You did a great job I know my boys would love it! I should go and get that free pattern, I'm all about easy.


love your short and sassy hair! :)

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

Thanks for visiting my blog in icy Oklahoma, U.S. I came by to visit you and found you too are a chocolate lover! I will definitely have to try your brownie pie recipe and the fudge sauce sounds out of this world. I can't wait to try it and visit you again!

Stay warm!

Jamie @ Dear Diary...

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!