Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Key

Well, I suppose since it's a new year and all I should try to make some kind of resolutions about what my goals are going to be for this year. So number one. Try to lose my pregnancy weight. I think this is probably the number one resolution out there. Every year weight watchers sends me a coupon to rejoin. It's a good program, and I have joined on-line to motivate myself.

I will let you know at this point though, that I am a procrastinator, and am excellent at wasting time, and with the whole resolutions thing, I will be aiming low so as not to disappoint myself. I love it when I exceed my expectations, so if you aim low, you're sure to succeed!! Ha.

Secondly, I need to get my projects listed and organized, prioritized even, and I believe since this blog is part of my creative outlet that this is where it will all begin. Along my sidebar, I think I will post my up and coming projects, and list off which ones I finish as well (along with showing you pictures and links in my posts). I have kind of fallen off my creative wagon since Christmas has gone by, as I was in overdrive before trying to get everyone's gifts finished before the big day! And reading the Twilight saga didn't help with my sewing projects either as of late, as I couldn't tear myself away from any one of the books while in the middle of reading it. Only the sheer size of the fourth book kept me from reading it all in one day. It took me two. And again, Twilight is veering me off course. SO! Organize and prioritize my upcoming projects.

Third, I desperately need to de-clutter my house. I need to make the commitment to myself and my home to go through room by room, closet by closet, cupboard by cupboard, drawer by awful junk drawer, and ditch all the crap in my house that I have no need for, but that is slowly and surely swallowing up our living space. The problem I have is that I like to acquire things. And then I put them in drawers. Then the drawers get full. So I put things in the cupboards. Then those get full, so then it moves to the pantry and closets. You get the picture. So I am going to do before and after pictures of each room, closet, cupboard, drawer and nook and cranny that I have crap shoved into when I go through and clean them out. (See how positive that was?? WHEN I clean them out!! Go me.)

So I think for the next several months, this will keep me busy. Hopefully I can organize my crafts and my time, as I promised my mom some pillow case covers and two table runners for her birthday at the end of February, and I still haven't finished my Christmas table runner. It might end up on the bottom of my list for this year, so I have it for next Christmas. I also have a quilt to do for a baby that will hopefully not show up until I have it finished! Then with the house getting de-cluttered, it will make me feel better about spending my time here, and apparently, according to this clutter book "It's All Too Much" excess junk in your life and house = excess weight. So we'll work on both of those issues at the same time I guess! So all over my house and my home, organization is the key.


Des said...

You will come out of the cullen fog, I promise. But having Breaking Dawn Wallpaper WILL NOT HELP. :)

Honestly, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte helped me get over my facination. Not that I wanted to get over it but I needed to get over it. Hard to function when I think my life should be super cool like a vampire's. I had to keep telling myself, "this isn't real life. they don't even have bills to pay or laundry to do. they just buy new clothes."

Good luck on the new resolutions. Weight, organization....always hard to stick to. I want the same. Let's just work hard, shall we??

Happy New Year!

Annette said...

It's always fun to find a new Twilighter! I won't tell you how many times I've read the series...but it's a lot. At least you didn't have to wait a whole year for any of them. That was no fun! Thanks for the shout out of my blog. I actually keep track of what I read officially on my book blog - Whenever I post a book review on my blog you can click on the book title and it links to the book barn where I write reviews.

Good luck with your resolutions! I always have way too many!

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!