Friday, March 19, 2010

Eclipse Preview?!? WTH, where have I been??

Ok, I have been working...alot! But seriously, I must have had my head in a hole to miss this:

I mean seriously, the Eclipse trailer is out, and I hadn't seen it til tonight? (To see the full screen version click here to see it on youtube.) Where have I been? Now I have proof that I've been working too hard lol. Anyhoo, I'm super excited to see the next instalment, but I can tell you already that the new Victoria will not measure up, and I don't know what was going on but I hate character changes like this, especially since Eclipse has more Victoria than the first two books combined!! I also hate knowing that Bella is wearing a wig, but I think it's pretty obvious as she had such beautiful hair, and you can totally tell that this is not her hair!! Oh well, I suppose Joan Jett must have been more important then Bella's hair. {blasphemy!!} I also really hope they didn't cut the tent scene, where Bella is in the sleeping bag with Jacob and Edward and Jacob have their little chat while Bella sleeps, that is my favorite scene in the whole book, and I have a feeling it won't be brought to life on the big screen. Ok, that said, on to business!

Scrap That Idea has some new kits out this week! A Work in Progress has this sweet kit called Sweet Tweet:

My layout:

Stacey's Scraps has is R is for Red and Kitty Revamped out:

My layout:

Hopefully you've been following along over on Mel's blog, as she has been releasing a part of a freebie kit called Grow every week, here is the layout that I did with it (*template by Peppermint Creative):
And Stacey has a great freebie kit as well over on her blog, called I'm not Irish but Kiss me Anyway! Go grab it while you can, here is the layout I did with that freebie (*template by Janet Phillips):
Thanks for looking, have a great week!


Becky said...

Thank you for posting this....not sure where I have been since I had not seen this either!!!

Marif said...

I saw it a few days ago. I didn't notice some details you mention, so I should watch again.
I sure hope you're wrong about them cutting the tent scene, that would ruin the movie for me...
As long as there's lots of Jacob, I should like it though ;)

Sunshine said...

I just saw it now from reading your site! I better get on reading the book!! Can you believe I haven't finished it yet?!! But I'll be ready for the premiere when its out June 30th!

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!