Monday, November 3, 2008

Feeling Creative

"Women need real moments of solitude and self reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away" - Barbara DeAngelo

So tonight is my weekly night out, although I still have to take the baby with me! I am going to a scrapbook night to work on preserving my memories. Although tonight my project is to handmake Christmas cards. And yes, I am thinking about Christmas already! If I didn't I would never have things ready. I also have cookies to bake and pierogies to make...and maybe cabbage rolls and meat pies as well...mmm. Have I mentioned Christmas is my favorite time of year?? I love it when I can look out the window, and snow is gently falling, I light my partylite candles (one more of my favorite things), and bake. This year may be a little more difficult, or not, as I know Chase's favorite question lately is, "Can I help?" It will either be tonnes of fun, or very frustrating, and as I have realized about myself lately, I am a little uptight about him not doing things exactly the way I want....I'm a stickler for details. I suppose the thing to do would be to make sure that whatever I'm making that he is able to help, maybe give him a section of dough to work with by himself. then he can play and not drive me crazy! Especially as I like to give my baking away at Christmas, I want it all to look a certain way.

Anyways, back to my scrapbooking cards. I just bought a couple new punches and can't wait to use them, as well as some new paper and a card making kit from Creative Memories (yes, favorite thing). I made cards last year as well, and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. So I figure this year it's a great thing to do again, and it gives me a reason to go to a scrapbook night and have some time for myself. My sister also comes with me, so it's also a great time to socialize and just have some plain old fun. And the best part is, my three year old gets to spend quality time with his Daddy, which he never seems to get enough of. So hopefully, tonight I can get lots of cards done, in between breastfeeding and dealing with Rayna, and eating snacks and visiting, and laughing...yes, I love scrapbook night! Hopefully I will have something to show you on my next post...incentive to get something accomplished!

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Des said...

I hope i don't sound preachy with this.....but here's an article on creating. I thought the speaker was just going to talk about creating life.....but he said so much more. How we as woman need to create and how it pleases God. I just loved it. Your title and your quote just reminded me of this.,5232,23-1-947-37,00.html

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!