Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Napkins

Are these not the cutest Christmas Napkins you've ever seen?? I think so too. And they were so simple and easy to make! I ran across them at the quilting store in town, and this is how I made mine:
First I made a template on a piece of paper using a 16 inch pizza pan. (The ones at the quilting store were made using a 19 inch pan.). I purchased some random Christmas themed fat quarters (12 in all) with a gold theme to all of them as I made these for Christmas Eve dinner at my sisters house and she said she's having a gold theme. So first I cut out two half circles from each fat quarter.

Then with right sides together, I sewed around using a 1/4" seam.

I left an inch to inch and a half opening for turning them right side out.

I trimmed the corners so they would lay nice when they are turned right side out also.

I turned them inside out. I used a wooden spoon handle to push the seams out, then I pressed them flat.

I top stitched around the edges to give it a nice finish (and also because I'm lazy and didn't want to hand stitch the inch opening shut by hand!)

Then I pressed them this way...

and that way... so they lay flat and look like Christmas trees!! I know, ingenious, right!

It only took me a couple hours to whip these up from start to finish, I made twelve in all, 6 matching pairs. And I love that they are all different but similar enough that they won't look funny on the table.

And then I used the leftovers to cut up into squares to make into these cute fabric baskets (only Christmas themed!) You can find the tutorial on Pink Penguin's blog.

The fabric baskets will have to wait however, I do remember saying that my next project would be my table runner, so last night while I was chopping up these little scraps, I also cut up the charm pack for my runner, so I will be able to start piecing it today! Maybe... I have so many projects on the go right now. But as always, I will keep you posted!


Jamiedello said...

OOOOH, Very nice!!!! Sewing is such a lost art. I wish I could do somehting likethat. They should have manditory sewing classes in school. :)

Des said...

Those are totally ingenious! I think I'm going to go tell about this. You won't mind, right? Good job!!

CJ said...

Such cute napkins!!!
I just had to tell you, after seeing your post at Quilt Taffy today...ketchup. I am there with ya! I know, there are just three of us that like ketchup on the turkey sandwiches - you, me, my sister. Where were you brought up? Although I ONLY like it with leftover roasted turkey (never deli turkey) and no mayo for me please...butter!! Mmmmmmmmm

Renae said...

Love these napkins--I may have to give them a try.

Tine said...

Those napkins are so cute! Oh how I wish I had more time before Christmas.... These will be on my list for next year :)

Books We Read said...

I see that you had finished Twilight Book #4.... I'm currently reading Book #1.... I kinda like it and can't wait to go home to night and keep reading it.

Fashion Addict said...

Very nice napins, very Christmas, I feel very inspired to buy some fabrics and make some but a Valinetine's Day theme...

Amanda said...

I am writing to request permission to reprint this adorable project on We would of course give you full credit and will happily link back to your blog. Please let me know if this is acceptable. Thanks!

Amanda Formaro
Chief Editor -

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!