Monday, January 4, 2010

King Pin

Anyone else out there like bowling?? I really love bowling, especially the neon bowling. I actually bowl better in the dark, I think it's because I really focus on the pins then, as they glow!! Pretty fun stuff. Cheri over at Dream Big came out with this uber cool bowling kit, check it out:You can grab it in her store here. And here are my layouts!! This first one I just love!! How cool is that bowling alley element? And that rental shoe? Awesome.And for this layout, I used Vicki's template, it was a freebie on her blog but if it's no longer up as a freebie, check her store!! I actually really like this template, I've used it a couple times, and I love that I can show off lots of papers with it!!Anyhoo, thanks for visiting me! Make sure you check out Cheri's blog for the freebies that the CT has done for you!! (I'm the only slacker as of late it seems that doesn't do a freebie, sorry!) I hope someone out there enjoys these posts. I really do need to do some more posts in between, my rants and random ramblings have been few and far between! I appreciate everyone that reads my posts though, it's nice to know someone out there likes what I have to say!


Deanna said...

What a fun kit! Love your layouts, too! I actually do have some bowling pictures to scrap! They're spread out through the years, so they will be fun to digi scrap!

Marif said...

That really is a fun kit!
And do keep up the blog, I love reading you!!

Diane said...

really nice layouts and love your enthusiasm x

Corrie said...

Your layouts look great. I'm so inspired to do something someday...have a good weekend.

Beware the few racy photos...thought it was worth it to see all the other ones!